Indian / Chinese Jujube?

Bought these jujubes in an asian corner market today.
I was thinking wow they have So jujube or something similar.
I was surprised when I took a bite and it was more crispy, more juicy, less hard and less sweet than a Z. Jujuba.
It’s almost like a big green Taiwan jujube(aka Indian jujube, Z. Mauritiana) but sweeter, denser and with more jujube taste.
I’m think if you cross a Chinese jujube with an Indian jujube, then this is what it would taste like.
Are there Indian jujube vareities from India that taste like this instead of like the big green watery Taiwan jujube?
Does anyone know what this is?


almost certain it is z. jujuba due to the yellowish tinge of light areas, and the speckled appearance and deeper tan of the darker areas.

if you are in a state where groceries are required to indicate country(state) of origin, that would also help identify.

and taking it further, if the pits have viable pips, you can try germinating and see what they look like as seedlings

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It comes in a red netted bag like normal super market jujube with no label.
Yeah, I’ll save some seeds to germinate. It’s easy to tell Mauritiana from Jujuba.
I give them an 8 in taste from a 10 jujube scale, where store bought big green Taiwan Jujube is a 5 and my Chico and Black Sea are 9.


makes me think it is from california. Chinese jujubes come in red fishnet bags here in vegas, and labeled as california-grown

Can Indian Jujube be grafted onto Li (chinese) jujube? If so would it make that indian jujube graft more cold tolerant?

i have not tried it, but i do know they can be grafted to each other.

it is possible that a cold-hardy rootstock may confer some hardiness to cold(on grafts). Have yet to see literature about this though. Jujus(both tropical and temperate) are relatively new to the western world, that sadly for the most of us-- a DIY approach is the best-- if not the only reference available…

good luck and do keep us posted :slight_smile:

I tried it once on tigertooth rootstock and buds pushed out, then died a week later. It’s my only jujube graft to fail out of about 20 jujube graft that I’ve ever done. Jujubes are very easy to graft. I will try again this year. Also jujube goes dormant in winter and Indian jujube does not so how will this affect the graft?

The only fruit tree I know of that is more cold hardy on some rootstocks is citrus, such as sour orange and C35. There’s probably not enough research on this subject. I grafted tropical guava on Psidium Guineense which is more cold hardy than tropical guava.

You need to try coco jujube if you give chico a 9. Coco is at least 2 above chico IMO.