Indoor blooms


Cant ignore that one, that is a bright fuscia! Very nice.


Yes,orchid Miltassia Charles M Fitch Izumi. It is a easy to grow, easy to bloom orchid. Pretty, but not fragrant


Very pretty Christmas cactus. Mine will be blooming too, usually a week before Christmas


For many years I had a Christmas cactus, rooted from my mom’s plant which was already 20 years old when I took the cuttings. I should get another one, I miss seeing it this time of year.


I agree Scott they are just such a Christmas, holiday flower. Make a trip to the supermarket! Easier than a cutting and you’ll have flowers for this year going forward. I finally threw mine out this past summer and I miss them.


A squirrel climbed up on our deck table and ate ours!


The Meyer Lemon is currently blooming… It has the most amazingly fragrant blooms. None of the other citrus are blooming. Anyone know what triggers this? Short days? It also has 3 ripening lemons on it.


It is their season to bloom, indoors, my Moro Blood orange is about to bloom. :crazy_face:


Anne, my citrus always bloomed between Thanksgiving and New Years. It is when they always bloomed and set fruit. By spring the trees would go out doors, and continue growing till fall, when they would come back indoors, ripen and be ready to pick. That is the schedule they have followed religiously for 16 years. Hope this helps. Also they lose all of their leave when brought indoors in Nov. It’s all exhausting!


Same here Anne. I keep a potted Meyer about 3 ft tall and wide, and it started to bloom a week ago. It’s in a South exposure bedroom window, where I used to keep a 6 ft Gardenia tree form that bloomed in March. The Gardenia had to go to a friend with a larger house. While the first 10 blooms were great, with 50 blooms open you couldn’t breath. The Lemon tree is great, a fresh clean fragrance that fills the room and is never too much!


Thanks @Poorwolf and @mrsg47. Good to know we are finally getting in sync (this was a rescue) The two other rescues aren’t blooming. And none of them lost their leaves. I’m wondering if they need to. After being inside a while the leaves lose their luster. Maybe all citrus growing is local? :blush:

I had to find a better indoor transport scheme that takes into account my low strength level. :blush: So this year I got an Aerocart. It leverages the weight better than using a dolly on steps… I also used a ramp kit to turn 2x10s into ramps to get up into the 1st floor. This was easier for me (and the plants) . :relieved:


orchids r happy

cactus blooms all winter usually also…


My blood oranges (Moro) have started to bloom. Dining room smells heavenly!!!


My DIL walks in and says, “What smells so heavenly in here.” I guess I had gotten used to it and didn’t know what referring to. The lemon blooms.
@mrsg47 Do you attempt to pollinate them when they bloom inside like this?


They are self pollinating. :heart_eyes:


Blossoms triggered by photoperiod?


Sorry, don’t understand.


Some plants blossom when triggered by changes in light cycles, does this blossom at the same time each year, or continuously or what? Just curious…


Thanks , it blooms for me in November outdoors and indoors December through January like clockwork. Once the are outside in the spring, by June they will bloom again. The June and December fruit will hang on. Many if the flowers drop. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have the same cactus,the tall one covered with white fur. I have it for many years and never seen it bloom. I am curious if yours bloom at all?