Indoor blooms


Here are the orchids currently in bloom. IMG_20181230_104916579_HDR
IMG_20181230_104936110 IMG_20181230_104830314


tall one never has. smaller round ones do frequently. fruits fall to ground in pot and i have dozens of babies growing around the larger cacti. i removed some and have them growing in pots also.


I just googled, it’s said “The flowers are red, yellow, or white, though the plant may not flower until 10–20 years old.”
I guess I may not see it blooms.


O. twinkles are blooming_20190105_103548



This is the only indoor plant that I’ve managed to keep alive for a year.



The leaves look like basil, I wonder if they’re related?


All of your flowers are so pretty. They look good enough to eat, the colors remind me of candies. :slight_smile:


Thanks.I need flowers to cheer me up from the long winter blue


The amaryllis bloomed again. This one has a stalk that is twice as large as the first stalk, and the flowers are larger, too. I guess a little compost made it happy.

The middle bulb attempted to reflower but aborted. This one is lovely enough to make up for that.


More orchid bloom


What beautiful flowers people have posted!

Here are some of mine.


Woe.yours are much larger and bloom at the same time. Mine has 4 more flower spikes at various stages.
I really like the pink one, so beautiful!


Thank you! The Cymbidiums and Dendrobiums like it here. I put them outside all summer and bring them back inside in the fall. During the summer, they get approx 1/4 strength regular miracle grow about once weekly. I’ve had some of these for 15 years. Here they are, photos taken today.


Fabulous. So well grown. You have the right mix down pat! Sensational.


My one super-crowded Amaryllis pot.


Thank you. They are mostly in a standard ochid mix. Sometimes I just use a bark mulch. Outside in summer, 1/4 strength regular miracle grow about once weekly in summer. let dry in fall then when they put out buds baout 1/4 strenth bloom food a couple of times. I have others that did not bloom yet


Still blooming…


Hey Seedy,

How old are your amaryllis?