Indoor blooms


I’m going to guess I’ve had them for 14 years. My neighbor across the road is a flower grower and wholesaler; he brought them over as a housewarming gift; I’m still working on the house. I gotta repot those plants but somehow they have survived my treatment.



I have the same cactus and like its ring of little pretty flowers



wow. beautiful cymbidium!


About 15 years old. Seed grown from plants we had at the time,



Utricularia Sandersonii (angry bunny plant) and a Pinguicula


It does have long bunny ears😂


:joy::joy::joy: oh my goodness, is this for real? I love angry bunny plant


Totally real, just very very tiny. But the white strain is almost in comstant bloom which makes up for the tiny size. The blue flowered strain is a shy bloomer. Its called angry bunny because the markings look like an angry face. My picture doesnt capture it very well.


My indoor blooms (in the greenhouse) are quite common but I do enjoy them. This year I have a fairly large calendula that made it through the winter in great shape and continues blooming its cheery yelloworgange flowers. But what I’m really enjoying right now is a last minute addition last fall - an alyssum. When moving things into the greenhouse in October I noticed one alyssum had a young looking side shoot (the rest of the plants were obviously done for the year). It had rooted so I potted it up and brought it in. It survived the transplant and stayed green, healthy, and resting all winter. With the arrival of calendar spring it has thrown out new blooms. They aren’t large or showy but they sure do smell wonderful. It is in the end of the bed by the door so I stop to get a good alyssum aromatherapy whenever I go into the GH. Next year I want to start one later on purpose to bring in. Maybe more than one. Sue



Is grew alyssum before. I was told it is fragrant, but I have never been able to smell any fragrance


Interesting. I wonder if there might be different strains? Last year was the first year I grew it, name was Carpet of Snow Alyssum from Fedco. Had 15 plants along the south side of my raspberries. I could smell them whenever I was in that area of the garden so they had plenty of fragrance. I plan to grow them along the raspberries again, maybe more this year.


phragmipedium mountain maid


Nice, i have an alyssum blooming right now as well. And its funny, only me and my oldest daughter can smell it. My two other kids and husband swear they can’t smell a thing. To me it smells just like honey.


beautiful, i like it very much


It blooms again 4 month later. You are in the US or Canada. If US, I will try to root it for you.


Beautiful bloom. Mine only bloom once a year


Mine used to bloom once a year. This past 6 months, I have leftover Neptune Harvest liquid fertilizer so I feed my indoor plants with it. I swear it helps. I feed them at a low dose once every two weeks ( or when I remember).