Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Dang. Thank you sir. Awesome to know.


Thanks Larry. That looks like the one. Glad I didnt squish him.


Not sure at all what this is but if anyone wants some I have lots of them……


Looks like a box elder bug .


Need some advice on pears…

I planted 5 pear bench grafts this spring, after our last frost, on 4-17-18. They all leafed out, each from one bud, and looked good. They haven’t grown past the initial 4-8 leaves and I am seeing browning around the leaf edges. They are planted in slightly raised hills of native soil with a little compost worked into the top layer and mulched with wood chips.
Any ideas why and is there anything I can do? I have not sprayed anything on them for pests or disease. Here are a few pictures of a couple of the trees.



Pretty typical for pear benchgrafts in my experience. Mine usually put out the initial flush of growth, get wind and sun burned a bit on the new foilage, stall out and then take off and grow well a few weeks later.


Thanks TurkeyCreekTrees. That is reassuring!
Can you pear growers tell me what, if any, sprays you typically use for disease management? I don’t know what to expect here (east-central Kansas) for problems. Most folks that have pears around me grow Bartlett or Keiffer and do nothing to them management-wise. They say they are the most problem-free fruit to grow, but I am not sure I am buying that yet.
I have Immunox, Captan, and Sulfur on hand, but the first 2 aren’t labeled for use on pears. Thanks!


Soapy water takes down the box elder bugs in short order, I wasn’t expecting them to drop so quickly after spraying.


Saw this on a pawpaw . Not to worried about it .
But it sure is cool looking.
Have no idea what it is ?


Not something I would want to pick up!


Hmm…reminds me of those caterpillars that host parasitic cordyceps fungus … Something like that might actually fetch a decent price in the herbal remedies market in China…I still have nightmares about some of the things I saw in those Shanghai market stalls

link for those who are curious about the market for caterpillars infected with fungus


A one of a kind worm.


This is one of last years apple grafts that is still in a pot but will be planted in ground within a week. it does not look good to me, does anyone have a guess what might be happening?


Ok so the inch worm with the 4 horns is
– Nematocampa resistaria – Horned Spanworm Moth


Many of my plums and interspecifics are getting hammered by leaf curl aphids this year. Does anyone have a recommendation for knocking these guys out?



They are going after some of mine this year also,even though my trees were sprayed before bloom with soapy oil.I probably should have done more than one application,because of all the rain.
When the leaves get scrunched up like that,it’s difficult to get to them. In that condition,squeezing the leaves will kill some of the bugs.
There were a lot of Ladybird Beetles this year,patrolling,which probably helped.
On a multi-grafted tree,some varieties seemed to be favored,while others are left alone. Brady


I used this on my Crabapple trees that were getting tons of APHIDS on the upper leaves and attacked badly by ants. It worked…


That looks like powdery mildew to me. You might want to treat it.


Would kocide 3000 do for treatment


Copper is not particularly effective on PM. I would just use oil, it always worked for me.