Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Bumpy apples have also been attributed to plum curculio activity, if those insects are in your area.


Ever seen the movie alien?


Fruit from the Mars​:smile::smile:


We have all the pest here.


Has anyone seen this on apple? Its mainly on smaller wood. The bark turns purple underneath. The photo does not show the color as well as i would like. It is very purple when viewed in person. Ive seen a lot of fireblight. This look different.


I found these eggs on several clothes pins I had left on my grape arbor over winter. The one on top should be praying mantis. I posted similar pictures last year and it was id’d for me.
Do the rows of oval shaped eggs look familiar to anyone?@LarryGene? I found similar images online that are katydid but don’t know if they are a match.


Here is another unknown I found today. I pulled back some mulch in my garden, and underneath in the soil were a dozen or more of these larva type wormy things. They look bad- they remind me of peach tree borers. I confess i dont know what most good bugs look like in different stages of their life cycles though. Anyway, can anyone help with id?
@LarryGene, any ideas?


Katydid eggs: yes.

The larvae I am not sure; they do have the appearance of borer caterpillars.
OFM larva do not have the little spines. In any case, I would treat those as a pest.


Possibly japanese beetle larvae. I cannot think of a good predator that looks like that and i kill all grub things like that near my trees.


I wondered about that, but didn’t find any pictures of J beetle larvae that were that small. I will keep looking. I have a ton of beetley type bugs. They all eat foliage and have even stripped trees. Bad bad bugs. :frowning:


Thank You @LarryGene! I missed your post earlier I guess. I will destroy them wherever I find them then! Should I consider some type of soil drench? I suppose I don’t have any idea how many of these things are around in the soil in my garden, yard, and around my fruit trees.

I am curious, do you treat Katydid as pest? They eat foliage, correct? I have read that some people don’t think they do much damage and so leave them alone. I wonder whether the praying mantis and katydids hatch at around the same time. Their eggs are right next to each other on my arbor. Maybe the mantis will take care of the katydids for me!


The larvae in your pictures are unlike beetle grubs that have 3 pairs of very prominent long-ish legs.

Kaytdids are a novelty around here, I only see a handful per year.


I see quite a few Katydids. I haven’t witnessed excessive foliage being eaten that could definitely be attributed to them, but then I don’t sit around and watch them for long stretches of time. I see them more around my grapes than anything else.


I was looking at my apple trees the other day and noticed my Stayman had these dead black areas on some of the branches. I didn’t record when I pruned, but I think I did some light pruning on the apples about a month ago, maybe two.
Could this have been caused by pruning too late in the dormant period? Meaning they were coming out of dormancy and were damaged by the cold? Or is this a disease? That’s what I thought at first but I have been searching threads and pictures and not finding anything quite like this on apple trees. Everything got a copper spray on March 23rd.


looks almost like the black knot we have on chokecherry here but i don’t think it infects apples.


That’s what I was thinking. I couldn’t find anything about black knot on apples, but the pictures for it infecting plums looked similar. This Stayman is from Vaughn Nursery, planted spring 2018. I pruned those 3 branches out, but I saw 2 more spots today that I need to prune out. Is there anything I can use that would be effective against black knot, if that’s what it is? This article lists Captan, which I do have. Other sites say that chemicals are not very effective at all.


good to know. my cherries and apples haven’t produced yet but so far i haven’t seen any on the 8 i have. knock on wood! I’ve read its hard to treat as well. like fireblight its best to cut out the infected branch and spray the tree to hopefully keep it from spreading. all the chokecherry/ pincherry around here are infested. but they are such aggressive plants they keep growing. hopefully my varieties are resistant. i know the U of Sask. ones are according to their breeders but I’m worried about our cold wet springs. its much drier in Sask.


Found some leaves curled(4 total) on one of my apples tree. Curl was from apex to petiole. I unrolled all 4 and only found something inside one of them. All the other leaves seemed fine minus the curling. I can’t seem to id the culprit. Any help is appreciated.

Pics are of the leaf, top view of bug, and bug flipped on it’s back. Maybe a mite but Im not great with bugs. Thanks.


Looks and sounds like Rosy Apple Aphid.


That looks to be the one. Thanks TJ.