Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Found several of these spots on the trunk of a young mulberry tree, anyone know what causes this? Could this be sunburn or frost/freeze damage?

I’ll also add that it did leaf out and the unfurling leaves got zapped by a bit of cold a few weeks ago

cercospora moricola.if i had to guess. This is kind of why I joined this cite. Hoping to learn about Fruit Trees


I have been noticing these little guys in abundance this year, any ideas?


Knowing where you live would help, but it could be a Cobalt Milkweed Beetle if you live out west.


I live in SE Michigan


When I get damage like that on figs it is usually cold damaged buds letting Grey Mold get started. I’d draw around the border of the dead spots with marker to see if it gets bigger.


Perhaps a Grape Flea Beetle?


Flea beetle in general is a good possibility; where on the property are you seeing most of these beetles?


They are pretty much all over the yard but haven’t noticed them on buds at all. Going out now to check the buds on grapes.


Searched for 2 hours, but can’t truly match the problem on this tomato plant. Not TMV (the problem goes from leaf margins or spots, not from center of leaf), and the color doesn’t seem right for early blight or septoria. Ideas? Grafted Early Girl with resistances listed on plant tag. I can run out and take more photos if needed. The tan spots aren’t soft, but rather the leaf gets brittle where it’s browned. Problems are working from bottom of plant upward.


Anyone knows what kind bug is this? Good or bad bug?


Four-spotted sap beetle / Picnic beetle (Glischrochilus quadrisignatus)

Not a good thing to have but probably not too problematic since they mostly feed on damaged or overripe fruit & vegetables. If they are a problem, then good sanitation and bait traps are the best solutions. They love anything fermented.


This looks like your insect,a kind of sap beetle and probably more bad than


I came across this today. Would anyone have any comment on whether it will work?


Thanks TJ and Braddy for your help identifying this bug


Found this on my plum scaffold today…its been a super dry spring to this point looks like sap (clear in colour) is building pressure and is splitting bark open to relieve the pressure? Leafs all look good, only happening to one scaffold any thoughts?
Its coming out of intact bark with pressure bubbles/splits not at site of old or new pruning cuts


asymptomatic gummosis, I would just keep up a regular fungicide spary plan.


saw this beetle in my perenial patch today, good or bad?


Scarlet Malachite Beetle (Malachius aeneus)

Good bug. Adults eat other insects and pollen. Larvae prey on soft-bodied invertebrates like grubs and aphids.


Cool thnks @TJ_westPA its eating pollen on my good king henry, cool loking bugs to boot