Insect and Disease Identification Thread


That is a kind of wasp, perhaps a blue mud wasp. I have a lot of them and have not yet gotten bitten by one and they are not aggressive.


Thank you! Excellent to hear about them. I think he is a good buddy and maybe killing my raspberry borer or eating something off my raspberry plants? He is right there hanging out on my apple mad dogging them and then he zips off at things it seems. Been fun to watch and was wondering who I needed to thank but everytime I try to get close enough for a photo he zips off.


I’ve finally figured out what’s eating almost all of my plants. Don’t know why it took so long for me to think to look at night! Anyway, I’m not sure what these beetles are, exactly. They’re eating a wide variety of plants, with an apparent preference for aromatic herbs. Anyone know what they are, and if there’s an effective trapping control for them? I’m not entirely opposed to spraying, but that’s my last resort.


I have the same bug. Sevin took care of them


I found this on my fig plant. Did someone already post this one?


Do they look like this?Asiatic Garden


The insect looks kind of like a Stonefly.Is your place near a river or stream?bb


Those wasps are good guys, they eat bugs and also like nectar so help with pollination.

@jcguarneri I have a lot of those bugs, when I go out at night they are flying into my light. They are slow movers though and don’t do enough damage for me to bother controlling.


No, not that I am aware of. It is probably about 1 mille away


That’s the one! Thanks.

@scottfsmith the damage is minimal on most plants, but they’re absolutely demolishing many of the seedling perennials I planted out. I think I just have an unusually large outbreak.


Per the article you linked, I checked the mulch and found a fair amount under dinner of the most affected plants. Looks like I’ve got a reasonable control approach. The light bulb and soapy water trap described in the link below also sounds promising.


Cannot tell from the image if the Courtney insect has long mandibles and could be a Dobson Fly.


Looks like a dobsonfly to me too, just not nearly as big or nasty as the one I’ve saw, so probably a female. They are aquatic/semi aquatic as larva, the larva are known as hellgrammites, great Smallmouth bass bait if that’s of any interest to you.


I am very curious to know what bug this is. It looks like it is attacking the Japanese beatle ( or attacking a already dead Japanese Beatle).


Looks like a green cricket getting some protein.


Is it a good guy or bad guy?


also found some of this on one of my apples. ill try to post a pic for a better i.d.


Dan thanks for pointing out the direction. I further googled cricket , and I think it matches the tree cricket nymph. Some website said “Tree crickets are true omnivores and will eat foliage, fruit, fungi, pollen, and also small insects”


Awesome pics of nature!


Ugh. It looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me on the Asiatic garden beetles. I was out handpicking before I went to bed when I realized that there were hundreds, if not thousands, in an area that’s mostly crabgrass at the moment. They seem to be nibbling on the crabgrass, but are all too happy to move over to my nice tasty perrenials! I kind of think the crabgrass is where they’re coming from, so that moves up in my priorities of yard/garden things to fix.