Insect and Disease Identification Thread


White fly.
Not good ! … So ,bad.!
Can be very bad.


Will DE get rid of them?


That looks like a


Seams like a high pressure water spray to the under side of the leafs , 1-2 times a week, works as well as anything .
. Idea being to knock them off ,and drowned them, and washing the little ones off the bottom of the leafs.
Many are resistant to chemical control.
Good luck , they can be tough


Thank you. It would be a young greater angle-wing katydid because the wings are still short. The antennas are very long and it nibbled on that all the time in the jar. I guess it was hungry.

I got these information by google katydid after Brady posted the name of the bug. Thanks for your help.


Thanks! only seen a few, will be diligent,


Tomato issue, Disease or deficiency? Or just root bound… I figured it’s time to up potting that either way.


@Seamonkey84 It wants some nitrogen and probably dried out in the container a few times. You should give it a good broad based organic fertilizer with NPK calcium magnesium sulfur and iron however cuz it seems like it wants all that. In general its healthy but wants more food and probably a lot more room for its roots or more frequent waterings, although tomatoes do great when they dry out each night. Maybe check ph also as it could be a wee bit high?


@RichardRoundTree I’ve been keeping up with watering, then it’s been on and off with rain and sun for the past week. I figured the transplanting is due, which would account for wanting more nutrients too. I’ve been using a liquid fertilizer (dyna-gro) just about every time I water, but it’s been a while since there’s been a lot of rain and not much drying between.


Does this look more like scab or black rot? It is on a young Baldwin apple tree (which is known for scab susceptibility) but my online search shows it looking more like black rot. Thoughts?


Getting ready to squish , thumbs up or thumbs down .


Well it also got a lily, so it is a good thing I asked. I will need to cut both down to the ground now and toss every leaf I see. Hopefully I will not need to dig them out and throw them both away.

To be noted: of my 3 peonies, this is only one to get it, and I had failed to cut down the leaves in late fall as i had done for the others.


Looks like some type of parasitic wasp to me but I’m not certain. I’d guess good guy. Maybe someone else can confirm.


I would agree that it is some kind of parasitic wasp, perhaps one of the many Ichnuemons. If it is very small, under 1/2", perhaps a braconid.


Thanks for looking and offering input.

After reading your post, it does look like there may be 2 different species in that pic. Body mass seems to be different with some of them along with the head.

I did look into leaf-footed bugs before deciding on BMSB but I couldn’t find any that were fully black and also more stout than slender as nymphs.

I’ve definitely been more attentive to knowing the types of bugs in the yard since I’ve really started growing food the last couple years. Really start understanding the balance of everything we do.


was spraying immunox on my sour cherries yesterday and noticed quite a few leaves have a 1/4in black spot of some sooty looking substance under some of the leaves. its just 1 spot per leaf and wipes off easily leaving no blemish . it doesn’t look like any bug egg. i think its fungal. any idea what it is? never seen this on anything before. sorry, no good posting pics.


I picked two Yellow Transparent apples today because they were in bad shape. From top they look perfect but bottom rotted. Only these two apples look like this. Rest seem to be ok so far any guess as to what it could be?


I’ve seen y. transparent do that here. not sure what causes it but if the skin is punctured on these apples while ripening, they rot quickly. maybe a bird damaged them 1st?


Hard to say for sure but I would also guess black rot (aka frog eye leaf spot). The spots have that frog eye look.

@Susu I would agree they first got damaged and then rotted. They may have cracked, either that or a critter attack.


Did you check the ph or try lower ph?

Could that be CM damage susu and the worm eating its way around your apple?

Any idea what species this is? They are fast and at least 1" long sometimes almost 2" very blueish metallic in color and are in z5 denver colorado. Might be similar to what @thepodpiper has? It has taken me a few weeks to get this picture of one, but i am not super great at that. This is a apple leaf for size.