Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Thank you @LarryGene. I appreciate the clarification!


Does anybody know what kind of bug this is?


Leaf hoppers?


Just one leaf on my Keiffer pear, the rest are healthy. While I love the tie dye look, it is unsettling on my trees. Any thoughts?


Susu: One of the Flatid Planthoppers, perhaps this one:

(planthoppers and leafhoppers are in different Superfamilies of insects)


Any idea what this bug is? Losts of them on my raspberries and currants no visible damage so far…


The shape of the body looks like a young stink bug. But thr color is not. The young/ immature stink bug in my yard has dark grey/black color with white band


Had lots of green stink bugs around earlier this year so that makes sense


Yes, one of the stinkbug nymphs. Generally a pest.
Since they are not yet capable of flight, try tapping them off the plants into a container of soapy water; this is the fastest way to trap and kill.


@LarryGene at el,
What is this insect? It is pretty big compare to other wasps and bees I have seen. Is it a friend or foe?


Found it out. Great Golden Digger wasp, nice name. Benign and gentle so I let it go.


Can anyone please tell me who is this? On a apple tree


Looking for some help in my small orchard. I planted a few trees in the Fall of 2015, Spring of 2016 and Spring of 2017. So, none of the trees are very old. I’ve been keeping a photo album of all the issues I’ve been seeing so please see the link for photos.

I think I have several things going against me and I’m not sure where to start or what to do. I was in touch with my local university extension but the guy, with whom I was communicating, seems to have dropped off the face of the planet.

Things I think/know I have:

  • I think I have some of the same ailments as what @PA_Fruit_Grower photographed. I can’t tell if that’s a calcium deficiency or something else.
  • I know I have Cedar Apple Rust (CAR) but I know CAR doesn’t typically hurt the trees too bad.
  • I may also have Frogeye leaf spot.
  • I see damage from Japanese beetles.

Does anyone else see anything I’m missing or failed to mention?

The sprays I’m using (listed below) don’t seem to do a lot to help. Am I using the wrong product(s)? Is there something better/stronger?

Sprays I’m using:

  • Agri-Fos (systemic fungicide applied every 8-12 weeks)
  • Bonide Fruit Tree Spray (foliar spray applied every week or so - weather permitting)
  • Monterey Fruit Tree & Vegetable Systemic Soil Drench (systemic insecticide applied annually)

I use Stark’s Tre-Pep a couple times in the spring and early summer to help with root development. I dropped about 10-20 pounds of mulched manure around the drip-line of the trees a few months ago. I typically spread some high-calcium lime around the drip-line of the trees a couple times a year - especially when I know there’s a good, soaking rain coming.

I’m trying to get a handle on these issues but, as you can see from those photos, I’m failing. I visit local orchards and see big, healthy leaves and then I come home to see my trees and cringe. My great-grandfather grew apples. My grandfather grew apples. My father grows apples elsewhere in the state. What am I missing or doing wrong??


Hi there,
My advice is for you to create a new thread about your apple issues. Title it something like “Several Apple Problems, Help, please”, or something like that.

A new thread will attract those with apple experience. There are a lot of them in this forum. You are likely to get more answers with a new thread than posting here IMHO.


Understood and thanks for the tip. New thread is here.



One of the Long-Horned Beetles. Tragidion coquus.


Good or bad bug in the garden???
Found it on a potato plant.


Looks like a Blister Beetle,possibly Epicauta floridensis or Epicauta fabricii.The adults eat flowers and


I usually get the striped blister beetles, not these solid colored ones. Shoulda squished em when i had the chance. Thanks @Bradybb.


Of the two proposed by Bradybb, E. fabricii is the more likely one, occuring in Kansas.
^ scroll down to food; includes potato