Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Never seen that one before Bill. Almost looks slug-like


Looks like some type of a sawfly larvae, Bill.

Patty S.


Likely Pear Sawfly (Pear slug) Caliroa cerasi, if yours are darker colored when smaller.


Gummosis? Some gnarly citrus disease.


I think that is a March fly. Thought it was a spider wasp at first, then maybe a robber fly, but March fly seems like a perfect match if the head is the same.


Bibionidae - March Fly. That's a match. Thanks.


Any idea what is up with this little Crimson Passion Cherry? I have two I received and planted this spring and they are both sick with something. I have more pictures if they would help.


You may get more response if you create a new thread asking for help for your bush cherry.

Close up pictures of the leaves and the zoom out pictures of the whole tree and the ground will be helpful, too


Saw this on my almond branch. It looks like a case. It isn't soft. Good guy? Bad guy?

Sorry it is out of focus - was trying to zoom in. Here is another angle.


I've seen them around my place as well


Any Idea what this is on my Meyer Lemon?


Sean, I can't tell if yours is a young one of these or not. Check for single orange dots, usually on the undersides of leaves, to look for eggs.

The swallowtails hit mine last year, but it was later in the season. They won't eat enough to harm a large tree, but can be damaging to small ones.


I thought I would show off my bug... He's sitting on one of the apple trees that was covered with Imidan and Seven.

And this guy and two others walk through my parking lot at work this morning....


Maybe it is sucking up some of that poison, not the peafowl, lol.


Is this Scab? or something else? just noticed it today leaves are turning yellow and falling



Cedar-apple rust

Nothing to do about it now


I didn't think I had CAR because the spots aren't raised on the leaves at all. I thought it might be some sort of deficiency


I agree we need a weed ID thread. I can say that most of my weeds are now things most of us would recognize as they are edibles. Currants, lovage and catnip being a few of my more abundant ones.

Creeping Charlie and bindweed are my two biggest bands, particularly the latter. Anyone here from Colorado and have any of the bindweed mite galls they are willing to part with?



Is this Cherry Leaf Spot? I see it only with the lower leaves of my grafted Brooks sweet cherry. All other five varieties on the tree have spotless leaves.


Any thoughts on what would be eating my peaches? I had sprayed with NuFilm 17 + Spinosad on Saturday 6/4. Hopefully if this is a moth worm they will be dead soon...