Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Is this hole shot or bacterial spot on my goldcot apricot?


I have similar looking red/brown flat dots on my asian pear.I spray it a week or so ago, how can I tell the spray is effective?


Anyone know what these nasty looking things are? Some kind of lady beetle perhaps


Dead under my shoe if I saw those, yuck!


Yeah they are creepy looking. But I think they could be lady beetle larva which would be beneficial.


Lady beetle larva look a bit like a black alligator with orange/red stripe painted on them. It's not those.


What plant are these on?


I think you got lucky and have some spined soldier bugs there.


Patty these are on Lapins cherry. They are extremely small. Camera couldnt focus too well.

WTF? The descriptions says it's a beneficial predatory stinkbug! Odd how those red and black bugs have no resemblance to their adult form. I gotta say that to me they are an ordinary brown stink bug and if I saw them as adults they'd be squished. I left these guys go because I thought they were lady bugs. I had no idea there were beneficial stink bugs.


The family of true bugs have a nymph life cycle stage, and these nymphs often look nothing like the adults. Only after the last molt do they take on their final shape, coloration, and pattern. Nymph stages may only hint at these.


Friend or foe?


My original thought was assassin bug but I think you have a leaf footed bug.


Anyone ever seen one of these? Found him on a fig. Weird looking guy.


Some iteration of a leaf footed bug nymph, I think.


Is this a Soldier Beetle, and thus one of the good guys? I have found them on my pears, apples and tonight on my Swiss Chard. I am in Toronto, On. I did my best to check online and I think that it is a Soldier Beetle, but there seem to be lots of bugs that look pretty similar, so I thought that I could also ask here. Thanks!


Yes, soldier beetle.


I'm glad that I resisted the urge to squish him!


Top one is Glassy Winged Sharpshooter, the vector for Pierce's Disease that has wiped out vineyards. They suck sap and exude water droplets, and can fill a tree to the point that it feels like it's raining beneath it. Come up on both sides with your hands to squish it. Yellow sticky traps are effective for control.


I see bugs real similar to that down here in pinetrees. Ours are a type of stink bug. Funny looking hind legs, they fly very well, too. Yours could be almost a twin.


This bug was making a lot of noise and buzzing all around me in the vegetable garden this morning. Got a big stinger back there.