Insect and Disease Identification Thread

Looks like an immature wheel bug, it’s a voracious insect predator, definitely a friend

Coddling moth is the main pest. We do not have that Saturn moth.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tana. I find there isn’t much spraying needed for Pears here, either. However, I had Japanese beetle move in to the plums (which they love) the day I was leaving for a 4 day trip, so I sprayed them with surround, and with a little extra left in the sprayer, decided to use it on the pears that were being munched. The underside isn’t really fuzzy, per-se, just darker. I am also concerned about the leader that seems to have a similar effect going on as when you see fireblight spread… makes me wonder if it is a different blight. Of course, I also wonder about it being underwatered and sunburn (UV is intense here), though I don’t see paleness in leaves I would typically see in container trees that are underwatered. I will ask in the broader forum and see if I can get some additional ideas.

As to the foliar damage, we do have coddling moth (and many other moths), but I don’t know about others that attack pears.

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