Interesting Apple website

It’s called Pomiferous .They claim that it has information on 7,000 apple varieties.


Really informative, thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome. It’s good to be able to find descriptions of rare varieties.

Thank you. That’s a really good site which I have never seen before.

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I’m super impressed with the job they have done - every bit as good as or better than “The Orange Pippin” was before their changes, and better than they are now, at least in my mind. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention.

I puttered around on their site for a bit. It’ll be nice to watch as they fill in some of the blanks. As I looked up the apples I have a little experience with I found myself thinking that my experience didn’t always jibe with theirs - and that could be because not all my varieties are what I was told they are, or because they relied on sources that weren’t accurate, or whatever. Anyway I think they’ll benefit from experience, and I think they’d benefit from the experiences of everyone here.

Which brings me to my point: I sure hope they are aware of and happy to join Growing Fruit. And @Dmend, since you brought it up I think you’re elected to the job! Would you mind letting them know we’re here?


I’m glad that you enjoyed the website @marknmt . There’s descriptions and pictures of a lot of apples that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I also noticed the same thing about it, some of the information it’s a bit different from my experiences. I believe that the creators are from Canada, that might explain the difference and accuracy (or inaccuracy) of their descriptions.

By the way, sure, I would love to let them know about growingfruit!


Hi Marknmnt and the growing fruit community. I’m Paul, the technical half of the team of two at I’m not the guy for answering apple questions unfortunately. However I’d love to know from this community what you guys would like to have on the site. What you think I should avoid, that other sites might have done, etc.

Pretty much anything, I’d love to hear from you all.


Hi Paul! I am so glad you have joined us, and hope that you and George get as much from us as I expect we will get from you.

I enjoyed the fruit of your labors right off the bat, and I don’t have a list of things I think you need to do better, far from it. I simply recognize that we are a far-flung group of enthusiasts with a broad range of experiences in multiple climates, soils, and so on that could be a useful resource for you, and you are a useful resource for us in that you’ve provided a place to organize and access information.

So I think it’s clearly synergistic! Thanks for touching base, and I hope you’ll stick around.

By the way, I don’t speak with any official capacity; I’m just shooting off at the mouth on my own accord. But we do have @Scottsmith, who created this site, and several moderators. It’s pretty informal and really nice. Thanks for joining us.

Hi @cullenskink! I’m the one that emailed you. I’m so glad you joined the site. I’ve learned a lot from this community. I hope guys enjoy it too.

Your promising site is one I’ll be sure and visit some more in the future! Best to you!


@thepodpiper Did you see this new website? Some of its limbertwig descriptions need filling in.

@hambone, i did. It does need some tweaking but it is interesting.

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I am not a very good note taker but this is the year i start taking lots of notes. 20 of my limbertwigs have flowers on them and another 5 to 10 have flower buds that are not open yet so i am hopeful that i will be tasting quite a few this year. I have taken notes on first open flower on all trees in the orchard.


Excellent- about time someone wrote some fresh taste descriptions.

Nice info and site. Thank you for posting this.


I found Pomiferous while searching for variety info- great site. I do wish it had more American apple variety info, but it got me several European types I couldn’t find elsewhere.