Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Sounds like rabbit?


Not here. The greatest threat to anything here, besides the raptors, are the cats…those darn diggers.


I built the following, which devides the two portions of the yard. Each side is pretty much equal in size.


Welcome to the forum @John_T, @ReaLM, @Rigo007 and @MockY, sounds like y’all have really caught the fruit bug. I was infected about 3 years ago, and am now somewhat getting it under control :grinning:. Good luck with your future endeavors.


Don’t believe a word Subdood says about he is somewhat getting it under control! That is not an option for us fruitgrower fanatics.


That is a chicken mansion!


I see it’s roofed


That is just the Bantam run. We use it as either a hospital or incubation area once a chicken goes broody. Rest of the time the door is open. The chickens have free access to the entire yard at all times. The coup is at the very end, though most of them spend the night in the orange tree you see in the distance.


Nice coop and run. Just curious, what breeds are y’all raising? I helped my wife clean up our old coop last week, and she’s wanting to get some chicks. She wants some Barred Rocks and maybe some RI Reds. But, she specifically said no Leghorns, too mean!


Here is a slightly better picture of some of their area. They also have full access to the compost and bee yard which is behind the portion of the house you see. They are spoiled brats to say the least and currently they’re not at all thankful since I get 1 egg a day if I’m lucky. Once they get going, I get 12-15 eggs a day… something my co-workers appreciate hehe.


We have 20 different breeds so I’ll try to mention most of them, but some worthy mentions would be: Swedish Flower Hen, Speckled Sussex, Australorp (best breed by a landslide), Gold and Silver laced Wyandotte, Favocana, Blue Andalusian, Black Copper Maran, Ancona, Austrawhite, Welsummer, Barred Rock, Orpington, Golden Cuckoomaran, Frizzled Sizzle. I ran out of memory :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s a lot of poultry! You’ll have more eggs than you’ll know what to do with. I like eggs, but don’t know if I can eat some every day, but like you said, we could give away or sell some.

I’ve considered Speckled Sussex, Australorp, Buff Orpington and Wyandottes as well.


" somewhat under control"

Yes, we know and understand that some delusions can be comforting. But, that’s ok… we understand… really we do.



I really, really can say that I won’t be planting any “new” trees, other than the ones I potted last year.

BUT, yesterday I got my monthly flyer from our county Ag office, and they’re having a small fruit class (berries, I suppose) next month, and another grafting class. I’d like to go to that again, maybe pick up some more “free” scions and rootstocks.

They also will be selling three varieties of strawberries (25 plants each), of which one is Flavorfest which intrigued me. I don’t know how much they’ll cost, but last year they sold them for only $8 for 25, so it’d be wrong to pass up such a great deal, right? RIGHT??

They’re also offering a Prime Ark Freedom blackberry for $8, and Jewel black raspberry for $7, but don’t know if that’s per plant. If so, that’s a bit steep, about twice as much as I’ve paid for them in the past.

And for the record, I’m not deluded about my delusion.


Thanks for all the welcomes! And welcome MockY… What a wonderful amount of space. Fresh eggs sound amazing!

@danchappell and @Stan - Great to have folks nearby! I hope to go to the golden gate CFRG scion exchange next weekend. I just bought a membership (my old one expired)… I hope it comes through in time as there is no online form or email. Just a paypal link. I paid, so I hope that is all I have to do!

@Ahmad I hope to plant a Lapin this year to pollinate my Royal Rainier, but somehow I got a cherry anyway! I was not sure I would ever get cherries from it since I don’t think we get more than 400 chill hours here… yet I got one in its first year with no pollinator. It didn’t taste great, but I am hopeful for the future!


I’d plant Royal Crimson (6GM25) instead:


Any particular reason? Do you know if it will pollinate the Royal Rainier? The only 3 pollinators listed for the Royal Rainier are the Lapin, Bing, and Black Tartarian. I am pretty sure I get enough chill hours for the Lapin since it needs even less than the Royal Rainier. Wish I could plant a Black Tartarian… they are my favorite.


Sorry, unknown. Check the DWN fruit boards if you haven’t already.


Hello All,

I was very happy and surprised to see that a newer site for fruit growers had been set up by Scott. Thank you for doing this! I was on Gardenweb for a few years and learned a lot from the various posts and people sharing information. The posts dwindled down after Houzz took it over, and I just discovered this site a week ago!

I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA with my husband. My kids are grown, but I still share the joys of gardening with them by raising their vegetable and flower seedlings and helping them with their own gardens. Over the last few years, I have been able to grow cabbage, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs and flowers in Tahoe. When we moved here, I was told that nothing grows here. It does have its challenges and I have learned to be adaptable with gardening here. I am in zone 6B.

About 4 or 5 years ago, I planted 6 apple fruit trees, 3 plum trees, 3 cherry trees and an apricot tree. I had some setbacks on a few of my apple trees when we had a tremendous amount of snow 3 years ago which covered the trees and sheared off the tops. They have all come back to life, but I am still patiently waiting for fruit on all of my trees. Since I planted the trees, I had a total of 3 apricots, 6 cherries, 0 apples and one plum. We do get some late freezes here in the spring, so that has contributed to my fruit growing challenges.

I look forward to being on this site! Thanks again!


Welcome, enjoy and share.