Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome Rose, to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here. You are certainly in a very nice setting at Lake Tahoe, even though the climate can be a challenge. I visited Tahoe about 25 years ago, what a beautiful area. Hope to hear good reports from you.


Welcome Rose.
I just joined myself and people here are very helpful. Great community.
One would think you would be able to grow cherries just fine since you have way more chill hours than us in the valley. I have yet to be successful, but besides my Bing I planted 6 years ago (or so), the cherry trees I have are just 2 years old, so we’ll see what happens this year. That Bing have given me one cherry throughout the years, and have blamed the low amount of chill hours to those results.
I’m severely jealous of your surroundings. It’s gorgeous up there.


Thank you!


We do love it here and are getting lots of snow today. Thanks for your message!


Hello Peter, We have very high chill hours here in Tahoe, probably 1200+. I think Bing has one of the higher chill hours, so you are probably right. One cherry that I love is Coral Champagne. It grows really well in Brentwood, CA so you might want to try that one. It has low chill hours. The problem is that it is hard to find and some nurseries don’t carry it any more. Good luck on your cherry trees!



I’m planting Royal Crimson this year, which I think has the lowest chill hours out there. Though I could be totally wrong, though it is said to be successful in my climate.


Mine’s been in the ground two years now.


Are those images from year one?


Yes, starting in February 2017 and up until Jun 2018.


Hello everyone! This is my first post in this forum. I’m a portuguese guy living in central Portugal. I’m growing a bit of everything and growing some sub-tropicals here. Now i’m starting to grow cold hardy avocados here. Hope to learn what i nead here… :smiley:



How’s the weather there?


Hi! My weather is temperate 9a i think… my max in summer is 43C and dry, in winter is -3C but i reach -6.5C two years ago… :grin:


Welcome to our little party where perfection is always just around the corner and …

where “wait til next year” is a celebration of success.



Although I’ve been browsing for over a year now, this is my first post as I’ve only today registered. I live just outside the beautiful Orchard Country in South Central Pennsylvania, with the closest giant commercial orchards being about a mile walk from me. I live on about 4 acres, with around an acre of orchard, an acre of vegetable and flower gardens, and 1.5 acres of livestock pasture. This past year, I grafted over 65 fruit trees after gaining confidence by reading this forum and by watching SkilCult and Stephen Hayes videos on YouTube. I’ve been grafting very casually for over 10 years, but this was the first year I attempted interstem grafts, and top working/frameworking established trees. I’ve worked professionally as a Horticulturist for 18 years, as has my wife. I hope to start grafting persimmons, mulberry, pecans, hickory, etc in the next 1-2 years. I have a small YouTube channel where I occasionally post videos about my Agriculture adventures. I wanted to thank all of you for such an informative and well managed forum. I’ve learned tremendously from you!


Welcome. You should paste YouTube channel here so We can see your work.



Ok here you go.


Welcome to the forum. A great group of people with a lot of experience with growing things.


Day one on this site. I’ve already posted 10 or so, too lengthy posts. Navigating around. '58 baby from sePA where fruit was in our family.Hort degree from DelVal, Doylestown, bicycled west, stayed near Seattle, now almost 40 years. Fieldman in E. WA. Lead gardener at UW, public places, always. Teacher, collector, grower, family guy. farming since 2008, paying it’s way after 7 years. Collector, I mean over 5000 species of ornamentals. The farm is mostly fruit. I am an experimenter. Like to plant everything to test it in the environment. Grow with neglect, as little input as necessary. 7.6 acres, 2500 apple trees, 270 varieties, 1500 blueberry, 15 varieties, 320 grapes 25 varieties, 35 pears, 30 varieties, 25 cherries 15 varieties, 60 jostaberry, 30 Rubus-6 BlackBerry varieties, 3 raspberry varieties Half dozen varieties of each- Ribes, black, red, goose, Crandall, elderberry, aronia, kiwi, fig, mulberry, persimmon. 99%organic (I started with glyphosate). Had 200+tomato varieties, 500+potato varieties, not growing much more veges now that plants have grown up. Motto “plant more flowers” “create sanctuary”. From 85 years in cattle the clayloam is high P. pH5.5, 11%OM. I’ve grafted about 7000 trees. All styles, all stocks, all times. Still grafting. A less than minimum wage business is selling scionwiod-even at $5/stick. Efficiency is crucial. One man operation. “Retirement” is a fools term-I am sorry for anyone not in horticulture for life. It is the best occupation and I intend to die in the field. Gil Schieber, plantsman. Employed in Horticulture since age 12.






Welcome Gil! Glad to see you found us. I had Skipley Farm listed in the Resources area here. Gil has a wonderful place up in Snohomish, WA which includes a U-pick farm, a large orchard with fruit trees and scionwood, berries, etc. I took a class from Gil in the 90s on how to propagate plants in Seattle when he took care of the Good Shepherd site. He has been a valuable resource to us in the PNW. Mail order is also an option.