Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Very nice pics, and good looking dogs. Is the first one a blue heeler? I can’t figure out the second one, though.


Yep, she is half Heeler. All of my dogs were unwanted puppies or from the local Shelter. That one is half Blue Heeler and half Dalmation. She has the shape of a Dalmation but the size, color and attitude of a Heeler. She’s 10 pounds of bull in a 2 pound sack :grin:
The second one is not a common breed, outside of hunting or working dogs. She’s half Catahoula Cur and half Bulldog. They’re traditionally used for catching wild hogs and motivating rough Cattle. Mine keeps my birds safe and makes sure nobody ever rings the doorbell :laughing:


Welcome Derek, nice to have more people from Idaho on here. Would love to hear more about what you are growing.


Having owned blue heelers and Dalmatians I can only imagine!!! We also have a catahoula that looks full blood. She just showed up minus a collar she had been wearing and had obviously weaned pups in the recent past. We figure, like many that have shown up here she had been dumped. Never found her family. One of the best dogs we’ve ever had!


Very nice you gave it a good home…TY so much. I have that problem at my farm and I’ve had a few friends take the dogs. It’s absolutely disgusting that anyone would dump a dog off…:rage:


@k8tpayaso I think Catahoulas are one of the finest farm dogs you could own, as long as they have LOTS of room to run ! Mine came from a lost or abandoned Cat that was pregnant when she was found. She was such a great dog, and obviously bred to a good sire, I have a feeling she was intentionally bred and somehow lost or escaped.


Our dog is a rescue mutt, we thought he was part Black Lab since he looks that way but we paid to test him and he is 1/4 Bulldog, 1/4 Treeing Walker Coonhound, 1/4 Golden Retreiver, and 1/4 some other hunting dog. Or so they say. Whatever he is, he’s a great dog and has made us permanent fans of mutts.

I don’t have many pictures, here he is at the vets. He thinks he is a person and gets up on the chair.


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

My name is Steve Thorn. I have a passion for growing things, especially fruit, and strive to grow them as naturally as possible. I live in central NC right on the 7b/8a line.

There’s so much great information here with great people, and I’m excited to be a part of this great community! :slight_smile:


Welcome … enjoy … partake… and succeed.



I just wanted to welcome you. When I was in graduate school here in USA I formed a very strong friendship with a man from Turkey and he was one of the best human beings I have ever known. I want to come and visit him and his wife and children one day. I could never go to this house without him insisting I have food, often it was figs or dates, and tea. He made me love all people from Turkey because of his big heart. He was so nice that I had to be careful…if I was at his house and told him I liked something, for example if I said “that is a nice lamp” he would say “You must have this lamp” and it would be 10 minutes straight of him insisting that I take his lamp (or whatever it might be). It was sort of funny and showed how kind and generous he was.

Anyway, my point is that I have a love of Turkish people and am very happy to see you here. I hope you will stay active here so we can communicate more. Welcome! Below is a google translation of this message, even though I know it may not translate well:

In Turkish:

Sadece seni ağırlamak istedim. Amerika’da lisansüstü okuldayken, Türkiye’den bir adamla çok güçlü bir arkadaşlık kurdum ve tanıdığım en iyi insanlardan biriydi. Bir gün gelip onu, karısını ve çocuklarını ziyaret etmek istiyorum. Yemeğe sahip olmam konusunda ısrarcı olmadan bu eve asla gidemedim, çoğunlukla incir ya da tarih ve çaydı. Kocam yüreği yüzünden beni Türkiye’den bütün insanları sevdirdi. O kadar iyi biriydi ki, dikkatli olmalıydım … eğer evindeydim ve ona bir şeyden hoşlandığımı söyleseydim, örneğin “bu güzel bir lamba” desem Ben onun lambasını almamda ısrar edebileceği 10 dakika olurdu (ya da her neyse). Bir çeşit komikti ve ne kadar kibar ve cömert olduğunu gösterdi.

Her neyse, benim açımdan Türk insanlarına olan sevgim ve sizi burada gördüğüme çok sevindim. Umarım burada aktif kalırsınız, böylece daha fazla iletişim kurabiliriz. Hoşgeldiniz! Aşağıda, iyi çevirmeyebileceğini bilmeme rağmen, bu iletinin google çevirisi bulunuyor:



You know the most recent post reminded me of something. My Dad fought in Korea. He never talked about it with one exception. He said he fought with some men from Turkey. He said he wouldn’t want anyone except them with him in a tough situation. He also spoke very highly of those men’s character and decency…and TOUGHNESS. Hew was very proud when he talked of fighting beside Turkish soldiers…Very Proud …


Good looking guy!!!


Welcome Steve! How did you fare in the hurricanes? There are other NC members here.
@ncdabbler is probably northwest of you. This is a great site!



Welcome, Steve.

North Caroline State Extension services info and videos on peaches are one if the best in my humble opinion.


Thanks Katy!

We fared well in the hurricane, thanks for asking. It didn’t get quite far enough north to hit us.

Looking forward to this great site! Already reading lots of great information! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Yeah, thank you for the tip! I’ve really enjoyed reading a lot of NC State’s information, lots of good info there. I bought two of their peach varieties too from their breeding program! :slight_smile:


Welcome Steve. Lots of great people and information to be had here. Enjoy your time here.


Thanks Mike! :slight_smile:


Due to unpredictable circumstances I will not be able to participate in this forum in the near future. Thank you all for your help. I learned a lot more than just fruit growing and really appreciate it.


I guess I’ll quit lurking anonymously and introduce myself. I’m Andrew. I’m 30 and married with three beautiful little girls. My family was only into flower gardening growing up, so the internet and a few old timers are where I learned all I know about growing things. I’ve got 5 acres of SW Missouri rocky clay mostly covered in oaks and cedar. I’ve got a BA, but eventually ended up lumberjacking full-time with my father-in-law. A few years ago, for various boring reasons, I got bit by the gardening bug. I’ve put in an ever growing garden mostly consisting of raised beds. I decided to grow some apple trees from seed for wildlife, and an addiction grew from there. I’m especially interested in heirloom and disease resistant varieties. I’m a sucker for food with a story behind it. I’m already having to clear timber for more room to plant, so I’ve decided to attempt a trellis with different varieties on Bud-9. My goal is to play around with apple breeding, but it will be a few years before that becomes a reality since all of my trees are on the young side. Besides all that I’m playing around with persimmons and paw paws. Anyway, thanks for everything I’ve learned so far, and I look forward to continuing to learn from everyone here.