Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome Andrew! That crop of three girls is beautiful!!! We have all lurked around this forum but glad to know you’re one of the gang now.


A new member from Missouri, welcome aboard.


Welcome, Andrew. Sounds like an ambitious plan. Good luck with your endeavors and we look forward to hearing about your progress. You’ll enjoy your time here, lots of good folks on here.


Welcome, Andrew. Those girls are beautiful indeed.

When you said you attempt a trellis on different varieties on Bud 9, you mean espalier them? If so, you may want to look up some threads about espalier apples. Quite a few members here have done a great job with this method.


Great! Welcome aboard!!!


I’ve read some of the threads on espalier, and it looks great (and challenging), but I want to try a high density trellis similar to some that commercial orchards have been moving toward.

I forgot to add earlier that I’m tackling two new varieties of strawberries and figs this year too. Spring is going to be crazy busy. Someone needs to figure out how to squeeze a few more hours into a day.


Welcome to the forum, Andrew! Sounds like you are off to a great start. Beautiful family too :wink:


Hi all! I am @majtnkr b/c I am retired military (as a Major) and formerly played with tanks (but am still working)! Recently moved down in the Piedmont area of NC from central IL. Married 29yrs w/4 kids. I was (am?) certified as a U of IL Master Gardner a couple decades ago and continue my love for growing most things, especially things to eat!!
We just purchased a 120yo farm house we are renovating and gained 1.5 acres with it and plan to plant a variety of fruit trees that we haven’t had the space to do so before. I stumbled across this forum and skulked about for a short while and joined with out a second thought from what I have read so far. I look forward to the words, wisdom and resources of this community as we move forward with our endeavors!

  • Brian


Welcome Brian, to the forum, you made a great decision to join, lots of good, knowledgeable folks on here. Sounds like y’all have a nice place to plant lots of fruit trees!

There are other folks from your area on here, like @blueberrythrill, @Cafeaulait, @cousinfloyd and some others.

Enjoy your time here.



Recently joined this forum however I have read threads from time to time pertaining to what I had going on in the backyard. Thanks for letting me “officially” join in the conversation.

I have a small piece of land (8.5 acres) in southern Illinois zone 6B and am trying to turn it into a garden \ orchard \ food forest and mostly something to occupy my time as I get ready for making an exit from the working grind.

I’m growing mostly perennials that I discover or read about online that seem to grow something edible and are lower maintenance. Things that demand a lot of care and attention just aint gonna make it at my place. I have too many things out there right now to list off the top of my head, new items arriving for planting (spring time ya know), some will be doing better than when I saw them last fall, some will have not made it through the winter.

I’m three years into this project and don’t seem to be slowing down any. The more items I plant, the more I find myself looking through these threads.

Hopefully some day I might have a worthwhile addition to some thread about what I am doing or did that worked or failed miserably and can share it with y’all. Until then, I’ll mostly just sit back and keep reading.

Thanks again,


Welcome Lang!


There are many knowledgeable gardeners here (besides fruit tree growers). They post on General Gardening category.

You said you don’t want to grow things that need a lot of care. That eliminates a lot of fruit trees. Pawpaws, jujbes and persimm9ns could be your choice of fruit trees if you want to expand beyond perennials.



Welcome. Glad you’ve found us.


Thanks mamuang. Got 'em growing already. American persimmon, grafted persimmon, grafted pawpaw, and jujubes are due to hit the dirt tomorrow. Some day I’ll get up the gumption to update my profile with the list of fruits, nuts, berries, etc that are growing out there… but that just may need to wait for some rainy day when I cant get outside. I appreciate the suggestions though. PS I do have a few higher maint trees, they’re just not getting much TLC. STUN method I believe it is called.


In addition to a zone, I usually suggest a new member add his/her state to a profile. Zone alone won’t tell much. People can give more relevant advice when both state and zone are identified.




Hi, my name is Megan. I currently live with relatives in the LA area. Prior to that I spent most of my adult life in the SF Bay Area. Because I don’t have my own place anymore, most of my gardening is done in containers. I’m disabled so I’ve never attempted to grow tropicals as it would be more labor-intensive to constantly baby them during the winter. So most of my experience is with temperate fruits.

I returned to school part-time several years ago in an attempt to get the science prereqs to go to grad school to learn fruit breeding. In an attempt to get deep on at least one species, I have an ongoing observational study of our carob street trees here in CA. Haven’t attempted to breed anything yet. There are things I prefer to learn from people rather than books. So I’ve been waiting for that opportunity.

I’m a little bummed I didn’t find out about this forum earlier, but am grateful I’ve found it now. The interface looks great and I’m happy to see a thriving community to discuss fruit growing. Thank you to those responsible for establishing it!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum. LOTS of wonderful information , and helpful people here.


Welcome, Megan. I’m jealous of your warm and sunny climate but certainly glad you are here!