Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome, Megan. I’m jealous of your warm and sunny climate but certainly glad you are here!


Glad your a part of the forum. This is definitely the place to be for learning and sharing information. Proud to say that I have been on board almost from inception. Scott has done an awesome job keeping this forum relevant and at such a high level.


Welcome Megan, perhaps you could start a thread about carob? We’d love to read about them.


Haha! Be careful what you wish for! :wink:

Thanks for the warm welcome.




I’m Mark and my username probably makes it obvious that I live in Ventura, California, and I grow bananas. I’ve grown about 35 varieties but am down to about 10 having gotten rid of many varieties that don’t do well in my climate or were too similar to others, etc. to make them worth space in my small yard.

I’ve crammed many other plants into my small yard, including multi-grafted figs, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherimoya, orange, mandarin, strawberry guava, mulberries, avocado, and some others. Because of the limited space in my yard, I’ve done a lot of multi-grafting so that I can sample more varieties of the fruit I grow. It still sort of amazes me that grafting works – still feels a bit like magic. And it’s very rewarding.


Welcome Mark!




Welcome. You and @Richard should have a lot to talk about.


You’re one of us, all right!


Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, I’ve known @Richard for several years now.


Hi, this thread is 4 yrs old and over a thousand howdys long. So I skipped them all. Lazy me.

My family on one side been in WA since territory days prior to Oregon Trail as missionary. I grew up in.Clark County, home to the KKK and antivaxxers who are okay with epidemics and a ban since around my birth on importing apples.

But I am harmless.

I grow grapes, strawberries, and planted a multi grafted plum and cherry trees last year and bought a new non astrinigent persimmon yet to consider where to plant.

Meeker raspberry has yellow rust so often I get no fruits. Bought a Canby but unsure what to do with planting.

And i had 2 honeyberries,one died 10 years ago when gramma died and I got two new kinds last fall growing, and hope they happen to be cross pollenator of the huge surviving one I forgot the name of.

I planted too surrounded by crabgrass 3 kinds of blueberries. My white currant died last winter, a decade old, guess I can use it as firewood. Got a bayleaf and potted lemon and 2 figs in pots.

I am sure I forgot things.


Welcome David!


Welcome David and Mark.


Hi David
There are a handful of other Washingtonians and Oregonians here. Glad you found the site. There is so much to be learned here. I’m @ 15 miles SW of Seattle.


Hello all,

Pursuing the site for a month or so but decided to join. A little daunted by all the information (there is a lot more than I expected). Plus I’m unfamiliar with how to easily navigate a forum with this format.

I’m in 5b (chicago suburbs), just occasionally growing landrace peaches, wild mulberries, anything wild, with the occasional nursery pickups :slight_smile:


Welcome. Glad you take a plunge.

@IL847, Annie, probably is a forum member who lives close to you.


I’m in the western burbs


Welcome Peachy!


Love the username…welcome to the forums.