Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Glad yours are doing well. I’m pretty sure mine are dead. There was so much rain this spring that the area where we wanted to plant was underwater. So we heeled them in in another spot which, because of the rain, we couldn’t mow around. The grass is so tall right now that I can’t find them. So they are either really well protected or they are dead in the weeds.



If so, let me know… I’ve got 2-3 seedlings that have popped up in my yard and will likely be getting the shovel anyway. I can also hook you up with seed this fall as well.



Thanks. If I ever find hem in the weeds I will let you know.


I think I have done all the things I signed up on this forum for: raising some awareness about health problems from my own experience, and mentioning the tips that I use in my fruit tree planting. I hope I didn’t upset anyone too much while doing so. Thank you very much for being here for anyone who needs help. A special thank to @fruitnut for all the “like” you give to almost everyone. It gave me the courage to post what I thought was needed, but might not go well with someone else perspective. Thank you and best wishes to all of you.


Welcome to the Fruit Forum, Angel @ted_d_bear , @Catydid , @Figtree , Perry @Happy1, @cis4elk , Chris @Chris1, Shannon @SLFarm . . . and anyone else who I missed saying ‘Hi’ to. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about what you are growing. - Karen AKA Pomgranny