Introducing myself to Scott's forum


Welcome aboard!


Welcome, Rick.

You are fortunate to live in the state that has several reputable on line nurseries. We have a few forum members from OR, too. I just can’t remember the name. Hopefully, those with better memory will let you know.


@murky, @bear_with_me, @seedy are in the general Portland area


Rick, welcome. Check out the Home Orchard Society, we have a fruit propagation fair in Canby in March.


Welcome to our forum! What you did is my dream retirement plan; if only the years pass faster :blush:… Which varieties are you planting this year?


Thank you for letting me know about the fair - I’ll try and check this out.


Don’t worry - time seems to accelerate the more it goes by.

I have in mind to plant Apples, Cherries, Plums, and Pears. May do a few of the Plum/Cherry/Apricot hybrids. Wish nectarines, peaches and apricots did well here.


Apricots have a hard time too, harder than curl resistant peaches.


Thank goodness I lucked upon this forum! FB was proving inadequate for specialized and abundant knowledge for growing my fav fruits - jujubes, persimmons, citrus, figs and now stone fruits. I’ve ordered too many trees for spring, so we’ll see how many I can fit in ground (North TX 8A).


Howdy, I’m near Philomath, OR. Like Murky says, the Home Orchard Society is cool. Don’t need to wait for the Fair either. They have all sorts of events and it’s good to be a member, regardless.


Welcome Ellen! I’m in Athens, Tx. Are you close?

Facebook just can’t match what you get here. It’s nice but the camaraderie here is much better and the advice is fantastic.

What jujubes, persimmons, figs are you growing?



I’m in Plano. For jujubes - Sugarcane and So contorted did well in containers this summer. Li and Lang were meh. Just ordered Honey Jar, Autumn Beauty, Chico, and Black Sea to expand the flavor range (prefer fresh eating types). For persimmons - trying Saijo, Nikita’s Gift, Fuyu, Honan Red, Coffeecake and Chocolate (some of these will probably stay in 20 gal containers). For figs - have the common ones (Celeste, BT, VdB, etc) and hope to harvest LSU Purple/Gold/Champagne, Panache, Smith, JH Adriatic and Peter’s Honey next yr. We have heavy clay soils so need to replant a peach and pears higher this winter. Thinking about using 20 gal cloth bags, cutting the bottoms out, and planting in tree/shrub mix for raised bed effect. Wish we had several acres to expand!


Nice selections. It sounds as you have the addiction!!! You’re in the right company but don’t expect any recovery assistance. It will only get worse if you spend time on this forum!


For fruit growing, I say go big (variety) or go home! Thankfully, I live in an area with not too much frost and long summers. I really want a greenhouse but the garage is sufficient for now.


Hi RickB and Seedy,
As you may discern from my signature, I am from Portland too. I work with Murky in the Home Orchard Society as well.
John S


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself as a new member. I have been lingering around as a guest for quite sometime and appreciate all of the knowledge and experiences that are so graciously shared here.

I have been growing various fruits on my property for going on 3 years now. I have honestly lost count of the number of trees I currently have…somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 :rofl: . All of that is grown on a little over a 1/3 acre lot with a combination of espalier, high density planting, and stand alone trees. I am also growing blueberries, blackberries, loganberries, and boysenberries as well.

I have learned a lot over these 3 years, both from failure and success. Though I will say the former have proven frustrating at times.

I have always been interested in gardening, mostly veggies and ornamental plants. It was my wife that wanted an Apricot tree and a Meyer Lemon a few years ago that got me hooked on growing fruit. Little did she know what she put in motion :grinning:.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say Hello!

Happy New Year all!


Welcome to our forum Camos.


Welcome to the forum! Where are you located in California?


Southern San Joaquin Valley…Bakersfield


Welcome Camos!