Is Jaboticaba my favorite...... it could be

I always amaze me about this tree. It loves to flower, turn it into fruits almost immediate. When fruits are eaten, it sends flowers while fruits are still hanging. It does this routine almost for 9 months.


When tree is getting empty, it start all over again, till December.

Not much left, pick every day, 3 weeks later it start all over again.Started in May till January.


WOW! It looks really great! Congratulations! I love jaboticaba and all varieties are yummy! :yum:


What does the fruit taste like?


It’s really good! It’s a sweet complex berry taste. A bit tangy in the end like a pitanga. Very good! I eat them all, seed and skin, that’s why it turns a bit adstringent in the end, but just a bit… i like it that way because it broke the sweetness of pulp. It remings me the red grapes too.


I’ve never even heard about this fruit. I just googled it and it sounds really cool! And the taste sounds delicious @Luisport!
I have to admit I’m jealous😁 How big is the pot and the plant in the picture, @aap?


My tree it’s small and it takes many years to fruit… it’s jaboticaba de cabinho, but one friend have a very big tree with more than 20 years, so she give us fruits. I have one photo on my thread from last year…

I don’t eat the peel or seed, peel might be healthy, don’t know. One thing is needed, more water more bloom, than bigger fruits. I only feed them Espoma holly tone. No strong chemicals. Tomato fertilizer might be good to.

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I eat the skin because it’s there that most of anthocianins are… it’s very healthy! If you don’t eat them you can put the skin on vinager or make a jam… :yum:

Do you have other jaboticaba varieties like white, blue or red?

I believe 20 gl. You might get by with a 15 gl. I always tell people you can always use a bigger one, you don’t have to fill it to the top. You can start half full, 3 years later, either root prune or built soil a little higher.
This tree is about 7’ tall with some pruning. Don’t want it any higher.

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Luis, I don’t live in a none winter place like yours. Can’t plant this tree in the ground like you can.

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Even here they suffer a lot… my jaboticaba variety is the hardiest but it takes a lot of years to fruit… 10+years.

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Luis, mine is a grafted tree. I believe it fruited in the third year and ever since. You must have a seedling tree.
Mine, it’s called Red Jaboticaba. Got it from Adam(Flying Fox) Florida.
It’s a good mix for with my other tree’s, citrus ( 32 tree’s), paw paws and persimmon.One tree is actually enough.Mine is now 6. Peel is kind of tuff, eat about 20 a day.


Yes it is a seedling tree

3 years doesn’t sound horrible. There is one in Emma Prusch park here in San Jose maintained by CRFG volunteers and it fruited after 15 years! During the blooming and fruiting season, the tree is a unique sight to look at. I tasted some and for my tastes it was nothing special. I’d rather eat a top-class grape. Of course, my opinion is based on one tree, one season, a handful of fruits and my taste buds.

@aap what is your soil mix for that pot? I have a red jabo that needs potting up soon and am trying to figure out a mix. Thanks! Also, how much epsoma are you giving it?

It all depends on the size of your container, small tree, don’t need much.organics helpful. Soil: 5/1/1/. I add DE or oil dry,

How tall was it once it started fruiting? How thick was the trunk. I have a second year one and it is doing well pushing new growth,but it hasn’t gotten much taller this season.

Hollytone is a great fert for it. It doesn’t like anything but rainwater, though.



When you buy mail order tree’s are always small. If you treat the tree proper when young, acidic water/fertilizer is a have to from the get go.
Might see fruit in 3 years for a grafted tree. If you have a seedling, I suggest graft. Sions are easy to get.

Wow, beautiful! I am from Brazil and grew up eating jabuticaba (we spell it with a U there), and I can’t believe it grows in the US! Even in its native Brazil it’s treasured because it’s so perishable, you almost never see it at market. Lucky you to have your own! :slight_smile: