Is Spice Zee subject to leaf curl?

Considering that Spice Zee nectaplum is about 30% peach does it typically get leaf curl? I planted one a few days ago and it is still basically dormant. Should I hit it with copper or it is unnecessary at this young of an age.

Mine did get quite a bit in the second year,even though spraying four times with Bonide’s Fung-onil.I’m going to be switching to a Copper product.
I’d start spraying,at the earliest,in the late Fall and again in early Spring,before the leaves start growing. Brady

Thanks. So it wouldnt help spraying it right now? The Tree Is basically dormant right now.

Spice zee is actually 50% nectarine, 37.50% peach, and 12.50% plum.

I didn’t notice any with mine. The tree right next to it (peach) had one leaf with curl. We stayed pretty dry early on so i don’t think it would have been a bad curl year to begin with. If i remember right i did put one coating of copper on everything before leaf out…so i’m sure that played a roll. Mine has a few fruit on it so i’m pumped.

Mine has a few fruit too, and I have never seen leaf curl on it. Although I have not seen any on any of my peach trees. I use fung-onil and captan. I will use copper this fall. I’m spraying my trees today with Bonide Fruit guard, the new product. For homeowners our choices are slim, so I use what I can. this is a good one, although i wish the fungicides and insecticides were sold as separate products, I need both anyway. I’m not waiting to see what insects attack my fruit, I’m spraying! Fungal problems are here, so need any.all fungicides for sure.

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Spice Zee is basically a nectarine. They are just as susceptible as peaches. I doubt a small dose of plum will make it resistant. But there are resistant peach and nectarine so it’s possible even without the plum parentage.


Is yours in the ground? Would you consider it hardy?

I’m going to give mine a little shot of copper just for the heck of it. Don’t think it can hurt.

It is in the ground, and it did have some dieback at -16F. Yet it is setting a few fruits too! So yes, it’s hardy. The first couple of years can be tough to get through. Once the tree is bigger it can take it.
I was considering removing it if it had a lot of dieback, it didn’t, so I’m keeping it.

Can you post a pic Drew? I remember you had to grow a new central leader. I did too last year. This year looked promising until the neighbor’s new fence came crashing down on it. :rage: Now I’m short of one scaffolding branch and the others in that half are bent to the ground. :frowning:

My spice zee does have a couple spots of leaf curl. It was dry here (again) this year, so aside from a spot or two here and there none of my peaches/nectarines have leaf curl. I do copper spray @ thanksgiving, new years and bud swell though

Yes I did have to grow a new central leader but in the winter of 2013-14 it died! Well to just above the rootstock. I decided not to grow another central leader. It had three branched coming out about the graft, and I used them as scaffolds. It does have some fruit this year. I also grafted some other peaches unto it. Not sure if the grafts took yet? It’s only been a week. Some of the grafts are starting to grow on other trees, not all. So here it is today.

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Looks great. The purple foilage is awesome. How many fruit is that tree have on it? (i think it has fruit). I only have a handful on mine but its a young tree still.

It doesn’t have many fruit, only about 10 on the right scaffold. The back and left scaffolds were cut down for grafts, fruit removed, although I did leave some branches to restablish scaffold if grafts fail. I was told to remove all lower branches, although I didn’t. I want to salvage the scaffold if graft fails.
The grafts will ruin the look of the tree, but it is not really being grown for ornamental reasons.
Then again it may look interesting with the grafts? Who knows? Seems in the Midwest this tree keeps it’s purple color longer.
The grass needs to be pushed back. I put leaves and compost all around it, and already the grass is creeping back in.

Very pretty color Drew. Mine stays red for only a month or two. My tree is growing very slowly. It’s just waist high in it’s second leaf.

Mine looks like that in August, the color changes finally. Mine grows fast, strange. Mine is on citation, is yours too? I have clay loam soil that has a fair amount of organic matter. I noticed Lovell is a little slower to grow. But will increase it’s growth with age.

I wish i could figure out how to plant in the ground yet still get fruit every year…somehow i need to build a covering for my trees and keep them as dwarf as possible. There has to be a way. I put my Saturn in the ground after a few years in a pot and its doing great so far.

Mine is on Citation too. Every other tree on Citation I have, grows like a weed. This one has me stumped. I have pure clay but I have at least 6 cu ft of compost near (not on) that tree under a thick layer of wood chip mulch. I’ve even fed it my primo worm castings which has worked for me so well in the past. And I know it has a healthy root system too

You can see the soil well in that photo. Well just wait it out. See what happens.
I have been trying to grow a weeping Santa Rosa plum. The first one died, the 2nd one is just sitting there. Trying to leaf out. Some of the new leaves died. I just can’t get a tree to grow in that spot! I have a Carmine Jewel in a pot, it’s going there if this tree fails. I give up on Santa Rosa.
I planted a Satsuma and it’s growing well. I just put it in a month ago, and I decided to graft Lavina unto it, and it was the first graft to take, on a newly planted tree yet, go figure…

My soil is clay loam, but it is rich. here is a spot I clearing for a tree