Is this 20th Century Pear?

Hello, I hope someone can help me identify this Asian Pear. I purchased Chojuro from Gurneys two years ago, it had a couple fruits last year. This is obviously not Chojuro. It was good tasting, it ripened on the second week of September. I’m in zone 7b Maryland.


Could be. Is your summer hot? The rough skin could be because of intense sun.

Mine have never got intense sun. It is on a small size.


Yes, my summers are hot and muggy. That’s interesting… I always thought that they were fully russet, but looking at your pictures makes me think that they might be. They didn’t have the butterscotch taste, but whatever it is, it’s delicious! Thank you @mamuang!

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20th Century and Shinseiki are among thin, yellow skinned Asian pears. Shinseiki is a bit sweeter and a bit larger.

I have not fruited Conjuro but my Korean Giant, Hosui and Kosui are russeted skinned


I do not think shinseiki or 20th. Both are smaller and yellow. For sure not chojuro. Looks similar to shin-li.

Don’t feel bad. I also bought a chojuro that was not. To make it worse the fruit was terrible.


Maybe Drippin’ Honey? Gurney’s carries that one too. Mine were greener but could get yellowish. EDIT @clarkinks What do you think? You’ve eaten a lot of pears lol.


It kinda looks like your yellow Drippin Honey. That’s funny, I also tried to buy Drippin Honey that year, but they said it was sold out!

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Looks like drippin’ honey Drippin' Honey Asian Pear

Thanks @Robert, I agree it’s not Shinseiki. I grew Shinseiki , it was very yellow, and earlier. Fireblight killed it, not planning to replace that one. I’ll probably graft Chojuro next year.

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