Is this a loganberry?

I had purchased a loganberry and it fruited this year but it looks nothing like the images online. I was expecting blackberry-sized fruit, but these are microscopic. Is this actually a loganberry or what?


True loganberries are natural or human-made hybrids of wild raspberry x wild blackberry. The fruits are smaller than commercial blackberry and boysenberry - more the size of Dewberry. Yours however are undersized.

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Looks just like mine

It’s a wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius)


The small berries look just like wine berries.


Now that I have googled it, they do look very similar. They are very fragile and stained my hand like wine so I can see where the name comes from.

The flavor is definitely unique and it did not suffer any root rot that the rest of my raspberries are dealing with, so I think it tolerates wet conditions much better. I think I will move it elsewhere but keep it around.

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Where did you buy yours from?


Yes those wineberries plants look good! “The loganberry is a hybrid of the North American blackberry and the European raspberry.”

That is my loganberry from One Green world… thornless.


That is what I was expecting. Beautiful berries!


They are big beautiful berries and ripen here early. May 25 start and continue ripening for about a month and a half.

They are very flavorful, quite tart… not very sweet unless you wait until they are deep purple and soft… then some sweetness.

Great in jam or jam mixes with other berries or fruit. Or eaten fresh mixed with other sweeter berries.

Ps… mine is planted in a location that gets very good morning sun… until about noon… then indirect light only the rest of the day… it loves that… grows like crazy and produces a lot of nice berries.


The Logans pictured above by TN make excellent juice, using any portion of the crop that has poor cosmetic qualities or are under- or over-ripe.


My logan berries are the best tasting berries of those kind of berries. I did have to pick forever to get any amount of volume.

Wine berries.
I’ve read several posts today on Facebook of wine berries that was sold as raspberries etc.


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I was going to post this myself…

I bought 4 ‘raspberries’ from Rural King. Two Fall Gold and Two Lathams.

It took a couple of months but each week i could tell that something wasnt right. Sure enough all were Wineberries.

This has to either be the biggest mistake or purely intentional… im on the fence of which.

I cannot imagine how it couldnt be intentional with so many varieties bamboozled.

@krismoriah I’m with you, I just didnt want to say it in case it was a mistake. A good reputation is hard to get back so I want to be cautious jumping to conclusions but the fact that it’s several dif bramble varieties makes me think it’s more than a mix up. Hopefully everyone dealing with this will share their source.

I’m almost certain in one case the person ordered black berries.

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Well in my case it was the bare root with a cane in a bag. In order to get those to market the tops were cut off after year 1. So i gotta think that somebody at some point would have caught it.

I have seen posts of blackberry, raspberry now loganberry… that were all ‘mistakes’.

Wineberry is insanely easy to propagate… you can trim the roots off of one plant and get 50 very quickly.

My guess is that all of these plants came bagged and ready from overseas in containers…from a shady exporter.

Somebody somewhere is laughing.

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I believe the little red berries are wine berries. They grow wild in many states.