Is this fireblight on apple rootstock or something else? Will it survive?

What in the world is going on here? Liberty apple on M111


I’m no expert by any means, but I’ll pull that tree out asap.

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That probably will happen, but I really need to figure out what this is to see if I can replant in the same spot. Crown rot looks pretty similar to this. Maybe that is it?

Here’s a crappy photo of what I believe to be the exact same thing, after I cut my tree down. For my tree, the disease appeared to have begun at the graft union. After I cut the trunk into several sections, I could see the disease extended up into the trunk, in the center of the tree, far beyond where the external symptoms were.

I never did figure out exactly what it was.

No expert here either but the pears I grafted that have died all did that. My rootstocks all turned color like that and eventually the entire rootstock turned that color. (this year bench grafts that are jammed into tubs of media)


my fuji i just cut down, looked like that. from what i could tell it was fireblight. it spread very quickly.

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Well dang. It looks great up top. It ended up blooming for a second time.

I had to remove an apple tree this month because it looked like yours. The trunk was oozing yellow liquid for a few days. I thought at first I would cut below that part of the trunk but had second thoughts and just ended up taking the whole tree out.

Well I ended up leaving it in. Looks like I’ll get at least one more bloom out of it. Loaded with soon to be blooms, but I don’t see it supporting itself with that kind of damage during the hotter months. Here’s what it looks like now.

lost 2 apples the same way. grew well for 2-3 yrs. then got fireblight on the bark.