Janice Seed-Less Kadota Fig


The Janice Seed-Less Kadota Fig is the most vigorous of my fig cultivars. I suppose this is not too surprising since it is a chance seedling of Kadota at a nursery a few miles from here.

Planted 2015-02:

Pruned 2016-03:


Panaché Fig
We three figs
The 2017 fig season

As of today it’s 8 feet tall and pushing out drupes. I expect a harvest during our Fall of 200+ fruits.


How much do you water your fig trees in relation to other fruit trees?


Same as the pit fruits.


12 feet high.


Now 16’ high.

Today I picked two “early” figs that sprouted on new growth in the late spring. I estimate there’s another 250 figs on this tree that will ripen in the coming months.


Today I pruned back my Janice Seedless Kadota to 34". The longest of the whips I removed was 13 feet!


Spring growth is coming out like gangbusters!



The whips are back up to 13’ and the tree is loaded with fruit.


Today the furry ones and I cut down our Janice Seed-Less Kadota fig tree to make room for a Macadamia Nut tree. After removing all the branches I cut the stump down a bit further and treated it with glyphosate. But during the cutting process I selected some small whips – gouging out callous heels where I could – then placed them in a solution of water and seaweed extract for a couple hours. Afterwards I planted them in a perforated 5-gallon bucket in damp orchard soil. Come spring they’ll be ready to plant out at a local vocational school. :slight_smile:


Janet decided she’d rather have a Pecan … :astonished:

Western Schley Pecan