Jerusalem Artichoke


Now that the fruit harvest is nearly done I can start harvesting some of my perennial vegetables such as jerusalem artichoke aka sunchoke. Jerusalem artichoke are a delicious member of the sunflower family. They taste like Irish potatoes! We don’t have diabetes but people with diabetes according to many experts can eat these with no ill affects. Sunflowers grow great in Kansas which is why native sunflowers are our state flower.

Fruit wine


Do you eat them fresh in salads or cook them?



How do know when they are ready to harvest?


We started calling them “fartichokes” after the few times I tried cooking with them. Jerusalem artichokes did not agree with my families digestion.


I cook them like a baked potato.
Like a potato a lot of it is based on size. Fall is the best time.
You don’t want to eat to many like beans or onions some foods will do it to you. We noticed that about 15 years ago when we first started growing them! We over did and ate a big pan of them because they are so delicious!


At times they can be a little gassy! In small quantities they are Great! They are making wine on another thread.