Johantorp pear

Anyone growing Johantorp pear? Wanting to know disease resistance, flavor comparison storage potential for zone 6.

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I dont know much about but i do know it is many peoples favorite for its lateness and taste Any pear recommendations? Zone 8b - Also, here is what I have tried so far. The former currator of the usda praised it highly on the currator list.

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Misspelled repeatedly, Johantorp is P. communis from Sweden with three accessions in USDA: PI 104835, PI 136163, and PI 285530


I see/saw the comments from the curator site. Sounds promising, was hoping someone here had first hand growing experience. I’m on a mission for extreme winter storage. I don’t mind canning or freezing, but I really like the idea of going to my breezeway in December or January and grabbing “fresh fruit”. I I’ve had positive experience with Arkansas Black apples and now I want “all the late fruits”!

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I have one I grafted a few years ago. It’s still in a large pot and not flowering yet. The growth habit seems more branchy than some of my other pears.