John Hershey's Historic Food Forest

I just learned about John Hershey and his food forest, not far from me so hope to visit before they are all cut down and paved over. If anyone finds any more useful info please post it here.


Thanks for posting this Brent!
Sad that these trees have been and continue to be removed for development, I applaud the efforts of those who are saving JH’s work by seed, scion, and raising public awareness.
I got some pods, scions from those honey locusts, wow were they full of caramel goo!


Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it!

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damn shame

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For those who are interested. The East Brandywine Township Historical Commission is presenting a program on John Hershey’s farm this Sunday, Oct. 21 at 3:30 p.m. at the East Brandywine Township Building, Horseshoe Pike, Downingtown, PA. If you’d like further info. contact me at


I really enjoyed reading the article, thanks!

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Visiting that site is now on my bucket list!

How much is on public land, though? I’d love to tour the town too! It would be great if there were someone knowledgeable to have as a guide. Those acorns, walnuts and hicans are huge! It’s remarkable.

Has anyone ever tried honeylocust?

I got some of the honey locust pods, they were incredibly gooey-now growing out the seedlings…