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Is that lemon pale pink inside? If so, I had a similar one, ‘Splash’, in the late 80’s. I used to plant nasturtium’s in 60’s, early 70’s, my grandmother used the young leaves and flowers in salad.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there! Nice to find this thread!

I’m growing this and that far up north in Finland. My interest in fruit growing started with apples, now I’m a lot more into prunus and especially experimenting with seedlings. For me it’s challenging to find fruit trees that survives winter here and produces fruit during our short summers.

I’m also producing hard cider from own apples and pears, a hobby that also made experimenting with apple seedlings to create fruit with tart by
If about 20% of my plants don’t die every winter, then I’ve been playing it to safe :joy:

Love mulberry’s, cherries, plums and chili.

Besides growing fruit I’m also experimenting with new potato varieties grown from seeds (and this summer a new experiment with poppies).

Picture below shows what I’m growing (not updated, several apple trees are removed and changed to pear, nashi and new apples.

I’m posting a lot of my plants and how I process the fruit on my instagram page: Jonas Rönnqvist (@josip_76) on Instagram


My red apricot


Welcome to the forum, Jonas, what a nice orchard you have and very cool experiments!

I would love to hear which apples have been the best for you over there. I have some Scandinavian and Baltic apples and they always ripen very early in summer for us here, but some of them are of really good quality.

Will follow to see how your experiments turn out!


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Yes, Panaché.

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Does anyone here no anything about the hashabi apple rootstock used in Israel?


I’m Michaël. I enjoy being outdoors caring for a garden. Mostly interested in (fruit-)tree care. Currently growing at ‘experimental’ scale in an urban setting near Brussels, Belgium. Hope to apply acquired knowledge on a larger peace of land one day though.
Last couple of years I’ve been learning something new each season wrt vegetable growing as well, thanks to a communal garden nearby. Tomatoes, courgettes, eggplant, beans, …
I kept pictures of some past experiments that might make for some nice first threads … See you around soon!



I live in Switzerland, near St. Gallen and collect different types of pears.
High-stem and low-stem trees.

ich wohne in der Schweiz, bei St. Gallen und sammle verschiedene Sorten Birnen.
Hochstamm und Niederstammbäume.


Welcome! I’m in southern France.


I am from Navarra, northern Spain.
I have a varied fruit orchard (pears, apple, plums, apricot) and I would like to continue expanding it a little
and share with other users. Thanks