Jujube in zone 5


Good to know, I’ll trial it in 2021 and let you know my results here in PA. I had a couple Jujubes as well, but none to full size. Also had major drought so that may have factored into fruit sizing.


I grafted a HJ this May (2" above the ground). It grew well, bloomed, and I sprayed with diluted borax July 29. I got fruit set. Just 7 fruit and I had no control to compare with, so I don’t know if it made a difference or not.


Sorry to hear that most of your jujubes are not producing. I got the HJ, Sugarcane and Shanxi Li scions from you around 9 years ago and all of my jujube trees are very productive now. I moved them all to the full sun spots with regular watering by the lawn sprinklers and 6 applications of the lawn fertilizer from the lawn serviceman. They are very happy now.


After hearing @tonyOmahaz5 account of his jujubes, I definitely believe watering was the issue for me. I had tons of fruit set, but poor sizing. They received no supplemental watering at all, just let nature do it’s thing this year. Next year, I’ll try borax twice during fruiting and may try GA treatment. I’m hesitant on GA knowing its applications and the pros/cons. No doubt will be punching drippers into the main line for water needs.


I used GA3 treatment on my jujubes this spring but toward the end of flowering period. I can’t say if I noticed any difference.

@BobVance is also used GA3 on his jujubes this year. Hope he will chime in.


Some trees were better (Sherwood set fruit for the first time after 5 years), but it is hard to say if it was just due to the trees being older or if it actually had an impact. The ones where I sprayed just a single branch didn’t seem to react differently on that branch, than on the rest of the tree.

Similar to you, I sprayed a bit late in the year and possibly a bit low in terms of volume (using a windex bottle…). Next year I can try with a tank sprayer and do it earlier.

That is shocking to me- even people in CA have low set on GA-866. To get it in PA is remarkable (or a mis-labled tree…). How old is it?

With ample fertilization and more watering, I had better set this year (even on trees without GA3). I also had more wildlife eating the fruit, something I didn’t have in past years. It seems like they finally figured out that jujube are edible.


My GA-866 Jujube has been in-ground two years and was sold to me as a two-year old (or that’s what the nursery claimed). I’ve included a photo of the fruit that was the largest of them (Can anyone confirm this is GA-866?) The tree is planted behind my farm garage in clay soil. It also has two Li and a Sugar Cane in close proximity. For lack of better words, I painted the roses red (hand pollinated the four jujubes) as well.


That fruit is not typical of GA866.
GA866 should look like this

Ga-866 Jujube Tree — Just Fruits and Exotics


I think mine is misshapen from lack of water and fertilizer. I normally let oddball plants like this settle in before I start a fertilizer regime. Definitely learned some good lessons and theories from this thread!


If that is misshapened, it is quite drastic. Without sufficient water or fertilizer, fruit should be different in size or texture, not the shape, IMHO.

Where did yoi buy your tree from? How certain you are that it is true to label. Jujubes have become quite notorious about mislabeling even from reputable nursereries.


Great :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, yet another Ty Ty Nursery screw-up, excuse my French. Any suggestion on what it might be? From the pictures I was looking at, I’m going to guess Sherwood.


My sympathy to you. You could not choose any nursery worst than TyTy.


Yeah sadly I found that out too late, this is their third mistake amongst my orchard. I’d ask them for replacements, but who knows what I’d get. :upside_down_face:


With TyTy, I would not even want their replacement. Unless you enjoy a guessing game :laughing:


how big is the fruit? Regardless of size, Li is the most common cultivar, so am thinking it is just that. Does it have a graft junction?

i doubt if tyty is propagating their inventory from seed


What is your impression upon flavor/texture?


I haven’t tried them yet. I have a couple of fruits that are getting close. Bugs are starting to take an interest so it must be about time. It’s 93F here currently so they are getting some more heat.


I was talking to somebody who said the difference from one of his first taste tests from a green one with brown coloration to no more green is much better! Hoping to someday like jujubes.


I think this might have a little green underneath yet.


Anyone made alcoholic beverages from jujubes, yet? I’m drinking a Perry fer the first time tonite. No sugar. Pretty good. Is there enough liquid in a jujube?

Do jujubes ever reach the point of none astringency?
What I sampled was all astringent of like 6 or more cultivars, so I’m very-curious about these fruits, yet. I’m pretty sure they still had quite a bit of green to them.

So do they ever get juicy enough to press them?