Jujube, is this normal?

My jujube, Shanxi li has some burnt tips. Is this sun burn? It is a new tree planted this spring. Those are new, tender leaves.

Only on the tips, only on Shanxi, not on Sugar Cane or Honey Jar.

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I think the whole tree still look healthy and those burned leaves will recover. Sometimes, I took a scissor and cut out the dead parts.


i agree with @tonyOmahaz5 , especially with those recently planted. Could also be fertilizer sensitivity, as many soil mixes have fertilizer in them which are supposedly slow-release-- but aren’t.

bare-root or recently transplanted trees often don’t have enough living mass to deal with fertilizers.

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My jujubes get something that seems similar to brown rot shoot blight (and may in fact be that) - the fastest growing shoots get attacked like that. Like shoot blight they eventually recover.

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Thank you, guys. Hope it is not shoot blgiht :frowning:

I’ve seen flowers forming on some Shanxi Li. That thing is so darn precocious.

Would you recommend removing those flowers to let the tree established. Or leave them to fruit as it does not matter for jujubes because of their precocity?

I find they nearly always drop. If they don’t all drop I might leave one fruit to see what it does.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, I have lots of flowers on all my jujubes. I have not paid much attention but decided to look this year to see if my problem was blossoms or setting of blossoms. Its not blossoms :slight_smile:

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I’m seeing a ton of flower buds too, including on most of the new trees. In fact, I saw the first of them open today.

One bad thing I’ve noticed is that a lot (maybe a third?) of my grafts didn’t survive the winter. At least there is no new growth from some of them.

Hmm. Some of my last year grafts started really late, but not this late. I also have a new problem that some bark grafts died because the stock pushed new shoots right under the graft and literally pushed the graft off the stock. Once I saw that I started digging out new shoots on any graft like that. I think I will do cleft grafts next time on larger jujube stocks.

Really glad that you guys share your experience here.

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shanxi tends to drop its flowers and fruits by the hundreds, much more than most other jujus save for gi-1183/sherwood/ga-866, i’d guesstimate only one out of a 100 flowers will proceed to full-maturity.

could even be one out of 200, so probably unnecessary to thin the blooms/fruitlets.

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That is not a very encouraging piece of info :anguished:

I hope it will flower in thousands, just to balance it out.

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I agree that it isn’t particularly welcome info, but from what I’ve read, the Shanxi Li is pretty big compared to many of the others. If it set just as many, it would produce many times the weight in fruit, which just doesn’t seem likely. I’m guessing that instead of 100 one oz fruit, it might have 40 three oz fruit. I know a lot of energy goes into the seeds, so maybe fewer, but larger fruit can save the plant some energy…

I’ve got the same thing on several of my newly planted trees. I don’t think it is much to worry about, as the ones where I see the most of it have all put on strong growth. The ones from Trees of Antiquity absolutely rock! They were huge to start with and are growing the fastest. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them set fruit, unlike most of the smaller ones.

I’ve got some of the burnt tips on jujubes that are in almost 100% sun, so I don’t think that it is from shoot blight- they just don’t stay wet that long and I haven’t seen it happen to others in more shaded conditions. As opposed to North Star sour cherry, which seems to get more and more. I think I need to move along on grafting over it. Or make it much more open.

Here are a few pics of ToA trees.
Shanxi Li in the front-side yard, in front of a Zestar apple.

Shanxi Li in the back-side yard, near the driveway and in front of some grapes (Niagra grapes that I haven’t succeed in grafting over).

Just to show it doesn’t only happen to Shanxi Li, here’s a Sherwood. Since I’ve heard that fruit-set in cooler climates could be a problem for these, I put this and GA866 in a full sun location next to the driveway (hot!).

I went out to take a pic and one of the grafts (Hana) that I thought hadn’t made it now has a single leaf (as opposed to the Tae Sol Jo, which is growing well). So, maybe a few will make it. But I’m not confident in the ones which have done nothing yet.

I didn’t have any large stock to graft to, so everything is on cleft grafts for me. But I’ll keep that in mind for the future, for when I give up on one of the non-productive cultivars (if they are indeed non-productive). For now, I want to see, and I planted enough jujubes that I can wait to find out.


Yours definitely growing faster than mine. I have not watered mine since I planted them.

Shanxi shoots seem to grow more upright while other varieties produce more horizontal branches.

Tae sol jo? That’s a new one to me. Where did you get it?

I think I’ve watered once or twice. But, they get plenty of runoff from the driveway when it rains. The combination of full sun, extra water, and slope to keep it from staying waterlogged, supersized my grapes- the 3 vines I planted in this area were 2-3X the size of those in other parts of the yard by the end of the first year (and gave me a nice bunch). I’m hoping that jujube are similarly appreciative.

I’ll take another look- I thought I had several with very upright habits. I’ve been thinking about trying to spread them a bit, but am hesitant to risk breaking off the new growth.

It came indirectly from England’s. I may have butchered the spelling, as it wasn’t the easiest label to read. It is a Korean variety and it is possible that the “Jo” should be “Ju”, as that is what Google suggested to me, though I didn’t see any clear references. It looks like England’s site is down at the moment.

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Jujubemulberry told me that branches of jujubes tend to go horizontal on their own. However, Shanxi seems to want to go straight up while HJ and SC appear more horizontal.

I bent Shanxi shoot yesterday. They are so “bendy”. I was glad they were bendy. I not, I could have broken some shoots already.

Water run off area? Hope no standing water. Jujubes do not like moist soil, don’t they?

Good to hear- maybe I’ll try it with some and leave a few as is. I did some branch bending on my So a few days ago, in order to get more sun to some of the grafts (bending competing branches away, as well as pruning a few off).

No standing water- the whole back yard is a big South-facing hill. It just means that when it rains a bit, they get more water. But the excess doesn’t stick around. I suppose the one bad thing about that spot (other than the possibility/likelihood of my wife hitting them with the car when backing up) is that they could send runners through the asphalt.

I’m not sure exactly how wet jujube like it. They can survive dry conditions, but I think they like a decent amount of water. I remember a Roger Meyers video where he described what happens to them when they get too dry (drop fruit, but plant survives). I’m guessing that during establishment, they can probably use a bit of watering.