Jujube rootstock: Zizyphus spinosa

I ordered a pack of these along with some other seeds, will they work as rootstock?



yes, they will work as rootstock for chinese jujubes. The species “spinosa” mentioned on that website is actually a true chinese jujube that has edible fruit, but typically small and sour. I just hope the vendor is reputable as many here have received tropical jujubes, or north african ones which are not chinese jujube-- which are likely to succumb to wisconsin winters. Even true chinese jujus might struggle in WI, but never say never! Anyway, you can post photos of the seedlings so people here can chime in re: identity

Here’s where they’re at now. Not sure if they’re big enough to identify though.


I can’t really tell from those photos. I need to see the length of the petioles on the cotyledons. In other words the stem length on seed leaves. So far they look pretty good but the tropical jujubes have long petioles whereas jujuba does not. I’ll try and post a picture of the difference.

they appear to be the real chinese juju, but may still evolve into ‘absolute strangers’ as they grow. Pls post photos again next week.

Jujuba seedling

Tropical seedling


The length of the stem of the seed leaves will tell the story. If the leaves come straight off the stalk they are more than likely true jujuba.

Here’s another. I’ll post an update when they get more leaves. They seem to be fast growers.

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almost 100% sure they are true jujus. But wouldnt hurt to send subsequent photos

Those look absolutely fantastically jujuba!!! Nice find.

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Awesome, thank you both very much!

How many seeds did you get in a package?

I think about 20 or so. About 50 percent or more germination so far. I don’t really know if I’m doing it right, but followed their directions.


From experience most will hatch in 1-2 weeks but don’t give up…some take a month or more.

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Thought you might be interested in this.


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Thanks @k8tpayaso, I think I will order some.

Just FYI shipping took a couple weeks coming from Canada.

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that is quite encouraging, apart from intriguing, that a reputable source is based in canada. If remember it right, there are vendors at ebay based in the usa who sell knock offs. Which is sad since yanks should have more exposure to and have more know-how re: chinese jujus.
and considering that chinese jujus can grow like weeds in many parts here.


I went to their sight…tempted to order but I have >500 seeds in soil at present. The write up for the juju seeds is perfect—they even mention the tropical jujus as being different.


yeah, i am impressed myself. Our friendly neighbors up north know about it, despite their challenging geographic and climate


500!? That’s impressive, what are you going to do with them all?

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