Jujubes- Our New Adventure

I just got these in the mail today. 4 lbs of dried Honey Jar! That’s a lot of jujubes. Very tasty. If anyone is interested in getting some to try or perhaps as a gift, you can get them at Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm, https://www.brentwoodrarefruitfarm.com/


How do you buy it? Do you have to call them to buy it?

There is a contact page on the website. I emailed to inquire. Price was $14/lbs, shipping is $20 for up to 8 lbs.

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You can plant those HJ seeds and hopefully there will be some good offsprings.

That was one reason I got them. They are grown with Sugarcane, Shanxi Li, and GA866 as pollinizers. Most of the pits seem to have seeds. You can shake the fruit and hear the seed rattle in the pit.


For those looking, Four Winds put up some jujube trees for sale a couple days ago. The good… Sugar Cane and Honey Jar show as available. $65 per tree. The bad… shipping adds about $65 ground. They say the shipping can cover multiple trees for those looking for more.

I ordered two trees from FWG last year and both failed to leaf out. On close inspection in June the wood was still green but the roots were black and completely dead so they were never going to leaf out. I don’t know how this happened but I assume at some point FWG or their supplier allowed the roots to dry out. The wood on dormant trees can stay green long after the roots have died. Almost all jujube sellers require you to submit a claim by a certain date, often May 1, to receive a credit for dead trees, but jujubes often leaf out later than that. I suggest you check the roots carefully immediately on receipt.

4WG did eventually give me a credit for the trees I ordered but it took many emails to get them to understand that many jujube trees will not leaf out by May 1, which I think was their last date to report a bad tree. The person I was dealing with was sharp and nice, but just didn’t know very much about jujubes.


Thank you for that. I’ll take some photos on arrival. My plan is to pot it up for now and I’ll wake it up in the basement so will have some time to verify it’s state. I’m not certain when they will ship to New England since they show as holding shipments now.

My attempts at grafting onto my potted Li last season failed so this is my partner. I believe that was heat issues. Thanks to @jujubemulberry I have plenty of seedlings but they’ll need to grow a bit.

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Not enough heat?

Too much heat/sun and dried out. The back deck has a wall of glass facing it and can get too hot. I had the jujube away from it but the grafts would dry out and separate once uncovered.

I had decent luck with persimmon, apple, plum, pear and pawpaw but I don’t think any of the jujube grafts took. 2 I left on from the end of the season which are questionable. 2 others had leafed out then died off.

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Does Sugarcane set fruit without a pollinizer?

I don’t think so.

Also, jujubes seem to cross pollinate better when trees are planted closer to each other than other fruit trees.

I ordered a SC to accompany my grafted Li twig (like 1/16" or 2mm? Maybe 18" tall). I’m planning on planting them like 18" apart from each other. Train the branches that are going right into the other tree off to the side. Limit the height of them both to 9-10.’ I may have killed the Li (a bit) via smushing while installing deer fencing two days ago. Deer won’t be able to eat the strawberry “crowns” at least now.

18” apart is consider 2 in 1 (hole) planting. Mine jujubes are 8-10/ft apart. I think 12-15 ft apart is good.

Bring back this thread to say my practice grafting over the fall was 50%. 2 Xiang Li took, the GA-866 died and so was the Korean Giant. I think my scion for the Korean Giant is too long, so I redid this today.