Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Ok! Warmer temps have pushed new growth! Excited to see how much growth this hj will push out this season! Thanks to all who commented!


Did 19 jujube grafts today. This one, formerly known as Shanxi Li, has 12 grafts, 11 varieties on it.

Put 4 new varieties on Sugar Cane and 3 new varieties on Honey Jar. Hope these grafts take. It will help with cross pollination, too, if needed.

I also would like to say thank you very much to the people who sent me scionwood. You know who you are. I really appreciate your generosity.


Looks great. That is my kind of a tree.


Love it!!!

I have a Jin Chang that I don’t really care for. It has 8 upright growths this year…guess what I’ll do with it next spring!!!


What are we? A butcher in our previous life? :smile:

I felt guilty grafting on HJ and SC because I love their fruit. I am guilt-free butchering Shanxi Li.


Well…I have been a surgical nurse…would that count? :mask:

I am like that too…I do not want to sacrifice any fruit bearing capabilities of my favorites!


About 3 weeks ago I posted a picture of jujube buds. That’s when they first appeared. They still haven’t opened. Does it take that long for jujube flower buds to open? Wondering if something else is up…


@k8tpayaso probably could answer you that. I am not very observant. I feel that flower buds seem to progress normally but I did not recall how long from bud setting to blooming.


I haven’t actually paid close attention to how long it takes flower buds to open but it is a while. They have to mature and form the flowers and it probably depends on your weather too. I went through my photos and about the earliest I could see flower buds on any of my jujus was 4/13. This certain tree is in bloom now and has been for a week or two. Are you seeing these buds getting larger at all?


Yes they are definitely larger than they were 3 weeks ago. But no where close to break bud from what I can see.


Are you talking about actually “flower” buds or are you talking about leaves breaking through?


Actual flower buds.


Okay. They will get there. I’m really a couple of zones ahead of you. Mine have been blooming for 2-3 weeks and they still have young immature flower buds that haven’t opened yet


Thanks. Makes me feel better…


And my trees are only at 1” green. I probably won’t any bloom until July 4 or after.


@mamuang :cry::cry::cry:


I harvested jujubes in mid Sept into Oct. That’s why late ripening varieties won’t work where I am


After getting my first jujube this tree is what I searched for. It took a long time to find one.
My SiHong purchased from England’s in spring 2018. @KYnuttrees

Very productive this year…


Your tree looks great. I first heard about Sihong from @jujubemulberry.

Took me a few years before I could get scionwood. I did 3 grafts of Sihong this year. Hope they will take,


where we’re at, sihong is one of our favorites. It does not have the sugary and honey-licious names as sc and hj, but we actually like it better than either of them.