Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Yes, my information source is the same and They are one of my favorites. I grafted a couple last year with dismal results :flushed::cry: this was one of Cliff England’s large trees and if was LARGE! We had such a bad drought last year but I did get 3-4 fruit. Hopefully more this year. It is about 7 1/2 feet tall now.



I am happy to inform you that the Vegas Booty scions took. It is now officially 'Omaha Booty". Thanks again Raf. I am looking forward for a taste test.


just hoping it is relatively cold-hardy. Am so curious! Recently noticed that seedlings from domesticated jujus(sihong, sc, hj, etc) tend to have higher mortality rates over one or two winter dormancies compared to seedlings obtained from thorny spinosa-type rootstock pits.


I will keep you posted. I cut the Vegas Booty scionwoods to 4 smaller single node peices and bark grafted them all. If the worse scenario at least one will survive this coming Winter. I may Winter protect by Wrapping one graft for insurance. I was disappointed that my 4 feet tall first year bark grafted Chico Jujube died from the -20F. I was looking forward to taste it this late summer with that little tart flavor. I will try to graft it again next Soring and pot it for a couple of years before putting it in the ground.



Glad to hear you guys feedback on cold hardiness (or not) of some of the varieties. Jujube buds are so odd. It did not dawn on me to use a budding technique. Good for you, Tony.


cold-hardiness increases with caliper-thickness, so if you can protect main branches(or at least the trunk for several years) any future winter die-back should somehow be limited to stems above the trunk(above the graft).

while it is advice i often tell other people, i don’t do that to our seedlings here, and intentionally let the darwinism of winters cull the weak from the hardy. I mean, there’s no point in propagating and broadcasting a new cultivar that couldn’t even withstand las vegas’ relatively mild winters!

thus said, booty and the other cultivars we’ve grown from seed should be ok unprotected(and growing on their own roots) in many mild-winter areas of ca, az, nm, tx, etc



And to everyone else that frequents these juju threads. I just received an email with this notice from Just Fruits and Exotics


thanks for sleuthing for us, definitely buying winter d in bulk. Hope they are selling some now.

*if i seem to be unresponsive the next few minutes, it is because am busy shopping :wink:


@jujubemulberry. Well…tell me what you think about this winter d. The picture of theirs is a bit oblong. Is that the real one?


a pertinent question that has no pertinent answer… even ogw, the original importer and trademark holder of winter d has it all mixed up. I now have at least three different-fruited jujus labeled as ‘winter d’(two of which were from ogw), and intend to collect more, lol. Will probably just buy one, and buy several of ga-866.

btw, was that a live link that they emailed you or was it just a jpeg email? couldn’t find it at their website. Jfae probably emailed me too, but i have too many email accounts



Here’s the link from my email.

When you select what you want you can choose from grafted or own root.


It’s the Winter Delight mystery that stopping me to buy a WD. I don’t have sunny spots. Whatever the last jujube tree needs to have a real pedigree :smile:


i guess they haven’t updated the juju webpage, as there was no mention of it there. Will be calling them asap :slight_smile:


Try the link I sent and then choose either grafted or own root






i see now. Am going blind, lol! Thanks Katy!


totallly agree— will have the same exact sentiments if had the same circumstances.


Temptations abound in the world. Nothing like large fruit trees for sale on the sidewalk to test my resolve. I would have bought one but I already have Honey Jar and Li that were for sale.


Look like some nice trees!


People in your area are worldly sophisticated. I have not come across one person (except nearby growing fruit members), who know what jujubes trees look like.

No nursery around here carries them although we have a large number of Asians here.