Jujubes- Our New Adventure


This is my Shanxi Li.

Are these secondary laterals that are growing out from the primary lateral (which grows off the trunk). They are so up right.


transected by yellow oblongs are uprights(with laterals,transected in red, that might have been compromised by freezer burn)
Transected in black appears to be an old upright(with hardly any lateral- did you prune those?) that has been bent down, which is typical for an older tree. Hopefully the nodes of the rather spindly laterals are still viable, as those would be what produces most of the fruits of the entire scaffold. This scaffold won’t be so productive in proportion to its overall length due to what appear to be weak laterals.


I could not remember if I bent the old lateral (circle in black). This is Shanxi Li. It flowers a lot but hardly set any fruit.

Thank you so much for taking time to explain. I probably will end up head cut the top to stop each tree from growing too tall. May trim a bit off the end of laterals as you suggested with yellow short lines.


Waiting for my Jujube tree to wake up. When do they leaf out compared to peach, pear etc?


Jujubes are usually the last thing to wake up in my area.


People have anyone planted z.spinosa for rootstock? I got a lot of seeds last year, sowed them and most of them sprouted. Some grew more some less. However I checked them today and they are all dead. Totally dry to the root. Same case with my friend.
I expected to get a lot of rootstocks but unfortunately nothing :persevere:
How could that be, especially since it wasn’t a cold winter? And they should be more resistant than jujube anyway :thinking:


In my area, peach bud started pushing in early to mid April. Jujubes start to leaf out 4-5 weeks later.


I finally see some green tufts on my various jujube. You should see growth soon too! Like others have said, they are the last thing to leaf out here, even later than persimmon.


Not sure what could have happened. Did they die during the winter? We’re they for sure Spinoza? I have lost a few seedlings but never all of them…except the time I was growing tropical jujubes. I think you had posted photos of them though hadn’t you?


sad to hear that @lilke
and really curious-- were those seeds from me? More often than not, when you plant them indoors(where night temps are not too low) over the winter and they sprout and leaf out vigorously indoors, then you take them out when it gets warmer, the relatively cool nights of spring induce a temporary and short-lived dormancy.

i hope the roots only ‘appear’ dry, and not really dead


Wow 4-5 weeks later than peaches. That’s late. It does sound about right because I’m starting to see signs of life from my jujubes now.
My persimmon is actually further along than jujubes.


At least four weeks, for sure.


That is why jujujbe is the only tree that I am not worried about late frost.


When i was going to cut scions just by looking i was sure my 1st year jujube branches were dead once i cut into them they were green and still alive. My second year growth was a "healthy haha"grey and the first year growth was very red and dessicated looking. I think jujubes are very dormant and all the water is out of them and they appear dehydrated when they are not dead.


@k8tpayaso I’m not sure either. Yes, over the winter but dont know why. The seeds is from Cliff England so I’m sure they are spinoza. Very thorny plants. I’ll post a few photos to see what this is all about.
@jujubemulberry Raf, as i wrote to Kathy seed is not yours. I may have one jujube from your seed, but I’m not sure. You were sending me the seeds of the fle fleur variety 2-3 yrs ago. But then my mobile phone was stolen and I lost notes so I don’t know if is it from those seeds or a chinese from the internet. Hope it is a living plant and time will tell what it really is. Besides that i have one sucker. Both are at my sisters place cause my plot is quite crowded and there are better conditions for growth (more sun,much better soil). I couldn’t check them because i hurt my foot so i couldn’t move much. None of them were inside or poted, all were outside in the ground.
Here are the photos.


I got some seed from Cliff one time that was NOT spinoza.

The tropical are VERY spiny plants that grow like weeds. They do not survive frost.


Than must be the same thing with this,there is no other logical explanation. I was so happy with lots of seedlings :pensive:
From now on I’ll search for jujube seeds only.


I put in a couple So Contorted from Just Fruits and Exotics last weekend. I’m really pleased with how attractive these little trees are. They’re in the sunniest spot on my property so hopefully I don’t have issues with fruiting.


How was the size on the tree you received? Do you have any pictures? I’m still on the fence on wanting to buy one from them.


A little over 2.5 feet tall. It’s a very nice sturdy little tree.