Jujubes- Our New Adventure


This link was given to me by someone here that had seeds and the seedlings looked like the real jujuba. They are in Canada I think.



For me the first jujube tree which started to show some signs of life was lang :slight_smile: already 10 days ago so even before persimmons (except nbt which was maybe 1 week earlier than lang).

The rest of persimmons and jujubes starting to leaf out right now :slight_smile:

So i am really looking forward that i will finally taste fruit from my jujubes. (I already tested few last year when i planted them… But … Really few :slight_smile: and i expect that this year it will be much much better :slight_smile: )

Another great thing is that jujubes are definetely the best looking fruit trees on my garden with their shiny leaves and also no diseases in my area:-)


i hope the other jujus you have will be healthier. As with other fruit species, there will be unhealthy duds and may not be able to pinpoint what went wrong. There might be juju diseases/pests in your part of the world that have yet to be identified. Hopefully none though, and that the casualties you’ve had recently were mere aberrations


Its been a very mild winter here in Atlanta , with very few freezing days. My second year honey jar began leafing out on March 21 this year. It is full of leaves now with flower buds forming all over . No pollinators seem to be visiting this tree at all.


Mine are just now starting to bloom and I’ve seen nothing yet. When my trees were young I didn’t see as many pollinators but each year since then has been more and more. I’m sure they will find it when the flowers open. Do you have any other cultivar?


No , i tried grafting Tsao and Sugarcane to it earlier this spring with only one of 4 grafts taking. First attempts at grafting. Will do better next spring.


Think my recently planted juju are having a little transplant shock. Some leaves are turning partially brown. Looks minor so far. Fingers crossed.


OK, the second generation of zhanhua winter delight is not sold in any nursery. It is from my friend personal collections. I can’t help sharing when I got something good.
The picture I showed to Tony is my friend’s WD.
It is not ripen in August, naturally at the end of November at my location 6B/7A. What I ate in China was growing in greenhouse. Naturally ripen one is just too sweet for me.
It is very hard to set fruits.
The growers in China use some techniques to set fruits. I will try on my trees this year.


I bought winter delight and mango Dongzao from England orchard this year. They told me they are same. My friend in China told me that it is not good if it is Mango. I want to try it.


Thank you for your input. Even if I want to grow it, it won’t ripen for me in time.


Are they looking any better? When did you plant them? Do some of the leaves have some brown or are some of the leaves all brown? Are these the JF&E trees you posted? Are they on their own roots?



Yes JF&E. Browning has not gotten worse. Looks like they will adjust. Reading through some old threads it seems like it happens frequently after planting and plants are ok.


How much longer does it take for Honey Jar to leaf out compared to Li?
Asking because my Li is waking up but Honey Jar that I grafted on to it last spring looks to be dead. I know I will know for sure in a few weeks but why not find out now since this is easy one for Everybody here :smile:


Simply do a scratch test, i check my grafts like that when i’m impatient waiting for them to leaf :smile: if it is green underneath the bark then it is ok.


You were right Kathy, i contacted Cliff and he confirmed what you wrote. It’s not good that I don’t have any seedlings for rootstocks, but at least it’s not the disease at stake. Let’s move on.
Another thing, if any of the members have seeds from the fruits this fall I will be glad to accept them :blush:


I don’t believe in the scratch test anymore. I’ve had the scratch test come out green on newly dead trees many times. I think it takes time for inside of wood to turn brown after being killed.


Uh i don’t know about that. But the cambium layer should be green if the tree is alive.


Thank you for the explanation of how to crack the seeds. Do you then remove the kernel from that crack the shell? Or do you plant them with us split shell kind of like a pistachio


This may be a shot in the dark, but I’m looking for sihong wood for grafting. My two grafts for this year just got destroyed by rodents so looking to try to replace them for this growing season.


When is it too late to graft jujubes? I forgot about some scion until today and did 10 grafts. Daytime temps are in the 70’s and 80’s now. Hope something takes…