Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Thanks, I knew you would have a good answer for me.:slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with Raf. Some cultivar seedlings sucker a lot and some don’t. I have one year old seedling that has 5 suckers in the pot with it. I have many that have not suckered at all.

I am glad to see @tonyOmahaz5 using his Honey Jar seedlings and getting good growth. This last year I grafted to mostly HJ and Contorted seedlings. The majority of my failures were on Contorted seedlings. Now I think I suck at grafting jujubes for some reason but saying that my takes were mainly on HJ seedlings and they are growing well. Tony also indicates that HJ is very cold hardy so that’s another plus.


you’re welcome! But as with all my other posts in this forum, would be safe to just take them into consideration, but never as gospel truth…


Lucky you. I had only 1 sucker from 2 trees in 4 yrs. I check regularly for them. That’s 1 way how to get more trees.


I had one that took off like that this spring. What makes it stranger is that the rootstock has quite an iffy history. I got it in 2018 from Englands and the tree above the stock was dead (Jin). Then, I grafted over it last year (Norris) and the graft limped along, and the rootstock sent up stronger growth.

This spring, I put 3 Bok Jo grafts on it (double-cleft on the original leader) and 2 clefts on the suckers. Two of the grafts have a bit of fruit and both of the suckers have shot up. So, now I have 3 leaders (2, 2, and 3 feet tall.

I’ll probably use the two shorter ones for scionwood next year, as I want to start using Bok Jo in a lot more places due to its productiveness. Including these, I made 7 Bok Jo grafts this spring and all took, with 3-4 of them now having fruit.


Hey everyone!! Hope you’re all doing well!
Looking for some advise or suggestions on what to do to have my 3 jujubes grow more, have more branches and most importantly finally have some fruit to eat. I will upload 2 pic each of the trees and if you have the time and patience can give me some options on pruning, grafting and maybe make 1 or 2 more trees out of them.
Thank you, Roni.


This first one is the Sherwood jujube and is the slowest growing one. Looks still the same after 3 years, except that new branch in the bottom right above the graft.



I’m not the expert here so others will chime in.

I’m assuming the location gets full sun? It just doesn’t look like a three year old tree. And what growth it has is very lanky like it isn’t getting sun. The growth at the bottom looks different from fast new growth on my jujubes in that the branch looks bright green where new growth on mine is a dark red or reddish brown. That is the only upright growth I see … after three years??? I don’t see the graft line. The new growth has very large thorns and Sherwood doesn’t really have thorns so this may be rootstock growth?? Do you fertilize at all? What kind of soil?


I amnot piling on. In another thread, you mentioned you bought your trees from TyTy nursery. Although you seem to be happy with the nursery, the chance of you getting trees that are true to their labels is iffy.


This second one is the sugar cane, the only one that gave me 1 fruit a year ago and dropped all the fruits this year (fruit became yellowish wrinkly) after i probably did something wrong, too much water or sevin spraying.



That’s true I bought these trees from tytyga. Paid a lot too lol. That’s what happens when you’re a rookie and I assure you that I am not happy with the results and the nursery.

I live in SWFL so sun is not an issue. I have fertilized twice only and just bought some 10-10-10 fertilizer that’s about to happen tomorrow. Soil is sandy and trees have been in the ground for 3 years, i bought them same size they are now. Obviously I’m doing everything wrong but at least I haven’t killed them. They all have grafting in the bottom, it’s about 2-3 inches off the ground. I’m just looking for some ideas to promote growth and fruit bearing. Back home jujubes sell for .50 cent a kg because they grow like crazy and here I can’t get a single fruit lol.
Thank you again for your help.


I would feed them. Also another forum member in Florida had trouble getting his to set fruit. He threw down some azomite for some minerals with some good results.


I checked now hardiness zones in Florida and maybe there is a problem with dormancy of the plants. Don’t know much about jujubes and cool periods. Probably they need some minimum of cold hours/days in dormancy for fruit set like other fruits.
Mine shanxi li finally pushed new growth, and pushed a lot :slightly_smiling_face: also have flowers but not as much as tigertooths. But that is expected cause I transplanted shanxi li twice.
Here are photos of tigertooths.

so many flowers. And thanks to this little guys there are also be fruits.


Your Sherwood doesn’t look like Sherwood. As others have noted, you are lucky they are even jujube trees. The odds that they are correctly named are not good. But if it is Sherwood, you should be aware that Sherwood can be very very slow to come into bearing.


This is the GA-866



Lilke your jujubes looks so healthy!! I only wish…
Any suggestions where I can buy healthy and mature jujubes? Possibly from a nursery that has a good reputation.


ok, i admit i sound like a smart alec posting this, but you can always graft them over with budwood from reputable sources @RoniSWFL

if fruits on scionwood differ from those of your trees, then you can see it half-full instead of half-empty since automatically means you have several cultivars as a result, and not just the ga 866, sugarcane and sherwood scionwood.