Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Right on Tippy!


I have a friend who lives in North MA, close to the board of NH. Which jujube varieties do you recommend? And where to buy?


I think that is why they named it confetti. The tree is very productive and the small fruit drops off randomly, like confetti.


How is the fruit quality of Confetti?


It depends on the town, your friend may be in zone 5b or 6a. I am in 6a. I think Honey Jar and Sugar Cane are best. They are tasty and cross pollinate each other. Your friend may want to winter protect the trees for the first winter so it can establish well.

I bought my from Edible Lanscaping, I think. I ordered them online. No nursery here sells jujubes.


Thank you.
I will forward to her.


I don’t know for sure how good the Confetti fruit is. None of it is fully ripened. Those that are most ripe are sweet with a small amount of sourness.


Could anyone please post pics of your Black Sea from your trees? I looked online, too confusing.

@BobVance, @castanea, @jujubemulberry, @k8tpayaso, et al,


My understanding is that black sea and Russian #2 are the same.


have pictures at the other thread but not ripe
will post more pics once find them…


found just one pic of black sea below


Black Sea:


I only had one fruit this year from a new graft. It looked about like Raf’s. Not as big as @castanea.


I’ve noticed that Raf’s Black Sea had a more pointed end. Mine look like @castanea. Of the dozen I got this year, a couple are bigger than average Honey Jar.

These are Black Sea on the left and Sugar Cane (on a bigger size) on the right.

And the close up. No pointed ends on mine.

I also re-read @BobVance’s post. He also said “Black Sea has very a pronounced nose tip”.

Mine do not. I hope mine is real Black Sea. Whatever it is, it is sweet and crunchy.


Yes, all the ones I’ve checked have had it. I think I posted some pics of when I picked them. I’m not sure if I posted this one, but you can see the shape pretty well.

I think he’s been injecting steroids in his fruit. They are massive in the first pic of Black Sea. Maybe double the size of mine, as well as more rounded. The 2nd pic looks closer- as if you selected only the best of mine and then let them ripen fully.

If I waited for that stage, some animal would find them before me and I’d get none. Something found my Bok Jo and ate all but one (so far). They also cleaned up most of the remaining Sugar Cane and all the Tae Sang Wang (I was looking forward to trying them- they were huge). In past years the animals didn’t seem to realize that the jujube were edible, but it looks like they have wised up. :frowning:


i think got mine from burntridgenursery and not from ogw.

and if remember it right, ogw trademarked this cultivar, so maybe what i have is another case of mistaken identity? Oh well…


Mine is pointed like Raf and Katy’s, but came from OGW in October 2015.


maybe just the orientation of the black sea jujus when the photos were taken? A roundish bottom will appear if the jujus are laid down flat, on their flattish-broader side and taken a photo from straight up, but will appear pointy if photograph was taken from the side of the jujus that were laid down flat.


Knowing the exact origin of this jujube and keeping its original name would solve this confusion.


@jujubemulberry I don’t think it was a camera angle. In the post # 1915, @BobVance’s Black Sea has definitely more tapered ends than mine.

Wonder if asked, would OGW reveal what the original name of this variety is in its original language. The name gives us some idea what part of the world it came from.