Keeping up with pears

@Fusion_power is making us a database of pears and pollination. This is no small undertaking due to the complexity of the task. I recently saw this sale item on ebay which is clearly not in the usa but it does not disclose that. When i see items that need added i try to point @Fusion_power to resources on these pears. Pears are mostly undocumented with few valid sources of information.

Muscatela pears refer in my opinion to the sweet wine like flavor. Im not 100% sure since im interpreting another language undoubtedly at least partially incorrectly. Apparentltly Solanka is the main pear variety grown in Czechoslovakia. " Pyrus korshinskyi , also known as the Kazak pear or Bukharan pear , is a wild species of pear tree native to Central Asia, including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.[1][2] The Kazak pear is in the genus Pyrus (Rosaceae). The IUCN categorises the pear as critically endangered, with it surviving in remote areas with threats including over grazing, harvesting, and use for rootstock.[3] Genetically the pear has potential use for reducing the impact of disease on domesticated pears.[2]"

Every country has their own types of wild pears Wild pears which must be documented by country, species, pollination requirements etc… in addition there are crosses of these pear varieties.


It is not about sweetness, but more about the flowery taste that also distiguishes muscat grapes from other sweet grapes. For me it has something in common with Irsai Olivér grape variety, but I guess that is more confusing than helpful.