Kidd's Orange Red questions

My Kidd’s Orange Red is finally fruiting this year. They seem ripe to me. I sampled some today and they seem unspectacular so far. Very much like golden delicious.
Wondering if I should let them hang some more and if they are likely to develop more complexity or if I should age them in the fridge for a while? Does this variety hang well?

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I’ve only had a few Kidd’s but they were nothing like Golden Delicious and very complex. I don’t know how well they store (because we only had a few) but I think you might want to let them hang a little longer.

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I agree let them hang longer and keep testing. Most likely it’s just garbage first year fruit. Pretty common here. I call it a practice fruiting. Just like practice flowers.


A timely question. I only have 4-5 KOR this year (last year one large fruit). This year, all were under other branches and did not develop color. They dropped 4-5 day ago. I thought it was a bit more sour than my liking but I detected underlining sweetest, too.

A friend I gave the apples to, loved them. I picked the last one before it dropped (bunny or squirrel could get to it before me.)

The last year fruit developed some nice orange/reddish color. This year they are mostly light green, hardly any color.

Can you post pic of yours?


I’m curious as well. We have a couple of trees of KOR (?) that are starting to bear fruit, and I’ve been wondering if they actually are what they’re supposed to be. (We have a couple of other trees that I strongly suspect are misidentified.)

Comparing with pictures online has been a bit challenging, because they seem to vary quite a bit.

For example, the picture on Orange Pippin shows a more oblate apple that’s, well, orangey-red with some apparent russeting.

In contrast, the picture on Salt Spring Apple Company shows a more ovate apple with more of a pinkish hue, very little if any russet, and distinctly visible lenticels, which are not seen on the OP apple:

The picture on Adam’s Apples shows a more irregularly oblate apple with considerable russeting and visible lenticels:

And the picture on Pomiferous shows an unrusseted oblate apple with visible lentils and streaks/stripes, which do not appear in any of the other pictures (!?).

I know that many of these characteristics can be variable, but I’m having a hard time getting a good sense of what KOR is supposed to look like.

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My KORlast year looked like the one in Adam’s Apple.

This year, the color is not like last year’s at all. Very pale.


Thanks for sharing that picture! The shape and overall look are very similar to my ?KOR?, though mine are even a bit paler and more heavily russeted. So, now I’m thinking that my trees probably are KOR after all. Very helpful!

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Here is my last KOR this year. I picked it early as others have dropped. So, it has not fully ripened.

It got very little sun on it. It does not look like the one from last year and only has some color on one side.


My first ones… brix 19


Right now my very few KOR are almost completely yellow - five or six weeks from likely harvest, I think.

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Interesting to see the differences between what was listed on the sites vs what everyone is actually getting on their trees. I had looked into getting one of the KOR but I was curious as to how they actually tastes and how long they last before getting mealy. All the descriptions sound very good. What the nurseries post and how the apples really are is sometimes very different.

I am eating my Kidds now. They can vary in quality but usually are very good. They are aromatic and a similar level of sour as a golden delicious but the particular flavor and aroma is different than GD. My old tree is fading and I like it enough that I put in a whole new tree of it.


Looks like you are a zone below me so maybe mine still need a week on the tree.

hey @scottfsmith, how does the KOR do with disease resistance? I am looking to grow it without spray, wondering if I’ll stand a chance