Kiwi woes

After waiting for many years to site my kiwis and nursing them along from tiny plants, I have a nicely established trellis going… or would be nice if only my Vincent plant had an eligible partner :frowning:

Supposedly the male I planted is a Tomuri. It’s the same age as the Vincent but it does not do as well. Large stretches of the horizontal cordons remain empty of shoots. When shoots grow they are vigorous enough but despite pruning the female and male the same way, the male has never bloomed while the female knocks herself out each Spring, yielding smaller-than-ping-pong-ball fruits in the early Winter. It’s really a disappointment.

So…did I get a mislabeled male? It almost seems like it’s not getting enough chill the way long stretches of cordon remain blank. I’ve read that “Matua” might be a better pollinator for Vincent and I am just a little tempted to get a plant and position it somehow on the trellis so that if it grows well I can remove the bachelor Tomuri. But it will take so long.


Also, hardy kiwis are doing OK, but Issai is a real dud. It grows so weakly compared to Ken’s Red and Anna that I still can’t establish a complete framework after the others are growing like gangbusters. I’m also finding that the male for Ken’s Red blooms rather late for Anna and am wondering if it would be better to remove the Issai and plant a male with a bloom time closer to Anna–whatever variety that might be.

More thoughts?

Issai is slow growing and has inferior fruit. Only advantage is that it is self fertile.

After growing Hardy kiwis for a few years I feel the best approach is to plant Anna. And graft on it other varieties later, including a male.

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