Krymsk 86

I have a peach coming on this rootstock. First time I’ve ordered anything on it. Anyone have experience with it?


I toured White Oak Nursery in Strasburg, PA several weeks ago. Mr Fisher, the nursery operator, was kind enough to show me his root cellar. He is now growing many of his peaches on Krymsk.86 & the stock looks awesome. It has big anchoring roots that are reportedly well adaptable to heavy clayish soils. The two-year old stock has robust caliper. He is growing Harmony (Canadian) peach on Krymsk.86, which I plan to order in the future.


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Thanks Matt. We have heavy clayish soils here, so that sounds hopeful.

K86 is considered the best anchored almond rootstock in CA. I’ve had a few around but can’t remember any fruit from those trees.

Adams Co sends one of their flat peaches on K86… i have 2 of them coming so we’ll see what happens. It sucks that no one has the rootstock for sale. I’m having a tough time finding a good peach nonpeach rootstock.

Just 5 years ago this rootstock was an option at many retailers. Now you don’t see it at all. Retailers must think home growers are only interested in the smaller dwarf trees.

Is it 100% compatible with peaches? I’m guessing its fine with plums…euro plums? apricots?


From what is out on the Web, it seems fully compatible with peaches. According to this link:

It says, “When grafted to peach, plum, or apricot it is thought to be tolerant of
cold temperatures, drought, water logging, resistant to phytophthora,
and somewhat resistant to lesion nematodes. It was observed to be
precocious, productive, and appeared to increase fruit size.”

The flyer on is says it’s compatible with Euro, Asian plums and apricots.


Are you down to get any NJ flat peaches from Adams this spring? The reason I ask is that they sent me a letter saying they don’t have ANY of the NJ flat peaches (TangOs, BuenOs, etc.) available for shipment this spring. They indicated they contract these peach trees to be grown, but somehow left them off their list sent to the contract grower. I wanted a few more of the NJ flat peaches, but they cancelled that part of my order for this spring.

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I got the same letter. Wasn’t it just BuenOS II? I was under the impression i was still getting BuenOS…maybe not? I would think an operation like that wouldn’t make such a big mistake…but who knows… Maybe there is more to the story. I’ll see if i still have what they sent me. That was about a month ago i got it.

I took a look at the letter again. Apparently the mistake was with TangOs I, TangOs II and BuenOs II, so you are right, you should still be getting your BuenOs I.

I agree it’s a bizarre mistake. I’ve been told by Cummins that northern nurseries bud their trees in the fall, grow them one year in the nursery, and sell them the next spring. If Adams follows this practice, it would mean the mistake occurred in the fall of 2013, and they didn’t catch it till early 2015.

I included a pic of the letter in case anyone is interested.

ACN had a failure last yr as well. In that case I think they blamed the tree loss to a freeze in CA of all places.

If McDonalds screws up my order they usually give couple coupons for free food…all i got was a letter and a bill!

One other thing. I wish they didn’t send invoices…i hate having to burn a stamp sending it back :slight_smile: !

Got the same letter.

Added Green & Yellow TangOs to my Cummings order ( Magness Pear & Alderman Plum) .

Now just to figure out where to put them. :smile:


Where is the best place to buy K86 for apricot grafting now?


This is a trip down memory lane for me . Thanks for the journey. Sorry, I’m not much help on sourcing k86.

I tried looking in the past and couldn’t. What i did was buy a grafted peach on k86 and then cut off the top and let the rootstock go. I still have the tree (very vigorous grower)…have no idea if winter killed it or not It was buried in snow for the most part so hopefully will come back. It has yet to set any fruit although it flowers a lot.

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Krymsk 86 Rootstock for Grafting Peaches, Apricots, Almonds | Winter Cove Farm

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HOw did the peach tree grow on the Krymsk86 rootstock?

I grafted nectarine (essentially a peach) and apricot on Krymsk 86 in April and they grew very well, similar to my other trees on Lovell.

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I can’t recall any issues with anything i grafted on that tree. Although i other varieties may not work as well. I have since pruned it heavily.