Late frost resistant kaki

I’ve got my eye in this cultivar after suffering repeated frost damage on my Nikita x Taishu even though it’s in a polytunnel. This nursery seems to be one of the most knowledgeable about persimmons in europe. He breeds and devlops his own persimmon and mulberry cultivars.

“checking for damage on kaki trees after the latest spring frost. This had impact all over Europe. Although I hate the damage it does, it shows what type of kaki do better under these apprently recurring spring frosts. It means we can select and develop more suitable varieties. I these pictures you can clearly see how one varieties is completely roasted by spring frost while another is left undamaged. A new variety calles “Sunrise” which I will be releasing this autumn is very resistant and even the buds that were down at ground level didn’t suffer any damage.”

“This is Nishijo offspring. The fruit looks a bit like “Triumph” (slightly squarish and 4 lobed). It is very early ripening and has high sugar content.”

“a Diospyros kaki…not a hybrid, just pure kaki.”

I’ll try to order it this September.