Latest season renewal of availability lists

I was looking at England’s nursery listings for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 and noticed mostly everything is already sold out…

Just when do nurseries update their offerings for the next season?

I figured I was getting in early (it is still August) for the spring… Are they really already sold out of fall and spring trees?


Rumor control says a lot of wholesalers have experiences heavy demand and are running shortages. Add on ever present labor shortages and who knows what’s out there.

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In many cases it’s scions or nothing.

The updates to inventory vary widely from nursery to nursery. Grandpa’s orchard usually doesn’t have the Spring inventory up until November or December. Cummin’s usually puts up their Spring inventory during the Summer. You really need to contact the nursery in question to figure out if they are sold out for the upcoming Spring.

I would also suggest looking for alternate suppliers- the forum has a list see the link below.

Where did you see the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 listing for England’s? I’ve noticed the web site is rarely updated and I didn’t see anything on FB. They are so busy, I’m not sure when they really have updated lists, so you may want to email directly to see what they have. Or maybe you did and that is how you got a list?

I believe England’s isn’t selling much this year. I found the following on the facebook page posted back in June.

Polar Vortex this February took out many fruit trees all over the country. Sad.