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Here is a list of mail-order fruit nurseries in the US. It is missing a few places with low reputations. Garden Watchdog is a good place to check out a nursery you have not heard of.

General Nurseries

Primarily Nuts

Primarily Berries

Primarily Tropicals

Canadian Nurseries

Canadian Tropicals

Canadian nurseries of concern (google for reviews - users have had less than positive experiences)

  • Green Barn Nursery (problems with mislabeled plants and plants shipped dried out and dead)
  • Saskatoon Farm (bare root plants shipped by Greyhound without any moist media so arrived dried out and dead)

Who specializes in what?

This list needs improving! Go for it!

  • Apple: 39th Parallel, Big Horse Creek Farm, Century Farms Orchard, Cummins, Trees of Antiquity, Vintage Virginia Apples, St. Lawrence Nurseries, Fedco, Adams County, Raintree, White Oak Nursery, Boyer Nurseries, Countryside Farm and Nurseries.
  • Cider apple: Cummins, Vintage Virginia Apples, Fedco
  • Peach: Adams County, Cumberland Valley Nursery, Dave Wilson, Boyer, Grampa’s Orchard, Trees of Antiquity, Arboreum, Vaughn Nursery
  • Apricot: Dave Wilson, Adams County, Raintree, Arboreum
  • Pear, Euro: Cummins, Trees of Antiquity, Adams County, Dave Wilson, Raintree, St. Lawrence Nurseries
  • Pear, Asian: Dave Wilson, One Green World, Raintree, Adams County, Arboreum
  • Plum, Euro: Trees of Antiquity, Dave Wilson, Raintree, Arboreum, Cummins
  • Plum, Japanese: Dave Wilson, Trees of Antiquity, Adams County, Raintree
  • Cherry: Cummins, Raintree, Adams County, Dave Wilson, Trees of Antiquity, C&O, Boyer Nurseries
  • Quince: Hidden Springs Nursery, Raintree, Trees of Antiquity, One Green World, Fruitwood (cuttings)
  • Medlar: Hidden Springs, Raintree, One Green World
  • Kiwi: Tripple Brook Farms, One Green World, Whitman Farms, Raintree
  • Grape: Double A Vineyards, Raintree, Dave Wilson, Trees of Antiquity, Burnt Ridge, Lon Rombough Family (cuttings only)
  • Muscadine Grape: Isons, Just Fruits
  • Mayhaw: Englands, Just Fruits and Exotics, Hidden Springs
  • Pawpaw: Edible Landscaping, England’s Orchard, One Green World, Hidden Springs, Nolin River, Raintree, Burnt Ridge
  • Fig: Dave Wilson, Raintree, Edible Landscaping, Trees of Joy, Trees of Antiquity
  • Pomegranate: Rolling River, Just Fruits, Dave Wilson, Green Sea Farm
  • Mulberry: Englands, Just Fruits, Raintree, Dave Wilson, Whitman Farms
  • Feijoa: One Green World, Just Fruits
  • Jujube: England’s, Hidden Springs, Raintree, Just Fruits, One Green World, 39th Parallel (rootstock), Fruitwood (scions)
  • Persimmon: Dave Wilson, Edible Landscaping, England’s, Just Fruits and Exotics, Trees of Antiquity, Fruitwood (scions)
  • Currant and Gooseberry: Whitman Farms, Raintree, Burnt Ridge, Edible Landscaping, Fruitwood
  • Blueberry: Burnt Ridge, Raintree, Hartmann’s, Indiana Berry, Dave Wilson, Cloud Mountain Farm, Isons
  • Honeyberry: Floramaxx, Honeyberry USA
  • Raspberry and Blackberry: Indiana Berry, Nourse Farms, Double A, Boyer
  • Strawberry: Indiana Berry, Nourse Farms
  • Nut: Bass Pecan, England’s, Grimo, Nolin River, Womack’s
  • Cold hardy plant: St. Lawrence Nurseries, Fedco, Wallace Woodstock
  • Southeast climate fruit: Isons, Just Fruits and Exotics, Edible Landscaping, Hidden Springs, Plant Me Green
  • Western climate fruit: Dave Wilson nurseries, Kuffel Creek, One Green World, Rolling River, Raintree
  • Rootstock: Burnt Ridge, Raintree, Cummins, Fruitwood Nursery, Century Farm, One Green World, Grampas Orchard, Fedco, CopenHaven Farms (per 25+/50+), Meadow Lake Nursery (per 50+), Williamette Nurseries (per 50+), 39th parallel
  • Tropical fruits: Bay Flora, Rolling Ridge, (more)

Thanks Scott that’s a great list!

Kuffel Creek for benchgrafted apples.

Rabbit Ridge in NC is another good one.

Greensea Farms FL (pomegranates)

Bay Flora

Arboreum Company CA

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Good cold hardy fruit trees and berries. Good selection.
I’ve ordered from them and received very good plants.

I took a chance on Pense Berry Farm this year. I ordered several different types of Blackberries and Raspberries. The overall transaction was as expected. I got them in the time frame I specified and the bare roots I got were of good quality. All plants are growing well.


Ditto on Wallace Woodstock. I ordered a Macoun and Cortland from them this spring. Trees were at least 9/16" caliper, good rootball and about 4’ tall. Price was reasonable for what I got (~$27). I don’t think they listed the rootstock on their site, but told me they were M7.

Trees are doing well after awaking from dormancy in May. Had to wait a bit for them due to their grounds were still frozen when I ordered, but the trees were in good shape when I got them.

Oh, and Plant Me Green out of Florida has a good selection of pecan trees, along with pears, peaches, and other fruit trees and some berries. Seems like a lot of their products are geared to southern growers, but they do have some items that will grow in northern climes.

Honeyberry USA, - berries, bush cherry, etc.

Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery, - olives, minimum order 20 trees.

Whitman Farms, - mulberry, kiwi, berries, nuts.


Thanks! Great List!

Can I toot my own horn?

Turkey Creek Trees - Facebook page

Specialize in disease resistant apples and pears. Also have limited varieties of peach, plum, cherry and apricot.

Also do custom grafting.


I grew up near you… I miss those days… Hastings, Harvard, and Clay Center…


Found the Turkey Creek Trees Facebook page! Thank you.

Also had good luck with a few more folks I did not see on the list

Vaughn Nursery- Mostly peaches for southern climate and a few apple variety -some on G11

Cumberland Valley Nursery. Mostly southern peaches

Finch Blueberry Nursery. Lots of bareroot blueberry both RE, NHB, SHB variety buy may not have some of the newer licensed variety.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I made the updates. At some point a description is also needed on all the nurseries, feel free to take a crack at the ones without descriptions.

Just a note to say that CVN still accepts wholesale AND retail orders over the phone.

Here is a copy of their catalog as of today: Nov. 7, 2016:


Very generous of you to post that! Too bad their min. is $100 or I might have ordered something. One of the few to have peaches on Guardian.

My order is less than $100 and they gave me no trouble on the phone.


Thanks Matt! I put a pdf version in the list for easy downloading.


Vaughn Nursery has most of the same varieties at about the same price as Cumberland Valley and does not have a minimum that I am aware of. I currently have an order with Vaughn of just 3 peach trees.

I found this listing of nurseries that Cornell University put together for small fruit plants.
They do mention to check them out before doing business. Brady

PS It looks like one on the list,The Local Blueberry’s link redirects to a (Russian?) adult website.Cornell probably doesn’t maintain this list too closely. Brady

We now have a simple web page as well.


Thanks, I modified the link above to point to your new page.