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Canadian Nurseries

Tropical’s - Canadian

Cold and Coldish Climate - Canadian

Canadian nurseries of concern (google for reviews - users have had less than positive experiences) (problems with mislabeled plants and plants shipped dried out and dead) (bare root plants shipped by Greyhound without any moist media so arrived dried out and dead)


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#27 supposedly ships to the US, and have the U SK cherries. They even have Crimson Passion 2 year old plants. So if someone was salivating at big CP plants, it might be a place to check. The shipping and phytosanitary costs might be outrageous though.


For those that can’t get American Plum (prunus americana) from their state forestry service. I found that Kansas Forestry Service will ship out of state. It cost me $20 for a bundle of 25 seedlings plus $15 S&H. About a third were 1/4" diameter. Another third were 3/16" diameter. The remaining third were 1/8" diameter. I grafted peaches and nectarines to the larger ones and planted the smaller ones in nursery bed for future use. I wouldn’t expect the size distribution to always be the same, but it gives a rough idea of what to expect.


To also toot my own horn Mostly apple grafts and seedling apples. Do have wild American plum and another wild plum along with beaked hazelnuts. would love to supply just benched grafted or T budded trees at a cheap cost . I have plenty of one year old seedling apples that can be used for grafting or just planted and grown to see what they produce. Will also be carrying certain apple rootstocks to sell in small lots or individually.


I see nothing under the sub/tropical fruit listings; maybe adding (have to call them to order/ship, can’t do online) (citrus) (bananas)


I’d add Mckenzie Farms under the “Primarily Tropicals” category. Mostly “cold hardy” citrus. Have ordered from Stan a few times, and have had nothing but good experiences.




The 2017 Boyer catalog is here. They have lots of great stuff, including the not-easy-to-find Harmony peach, and a bunch of good apples on B.9 and EMLA.111.

Call and they can mail or e-mail you a copy.




I was pleased with the Kencove electrified woven fencing I bought, except it needed more posts, which I purchased just recently., I believe it is.


What I meant to say was that I purchased the extra posts recently. I used the fence last season.


I have approximately 40 blueberry bushes of 6 different varieties. All of my orders have been through the mail from Ouachita Blueberry Nursery located in Arkansas. The prices are fair, they pack properly, good root systems and major success so far (First ordered in December 2014). I recently added two Pink Lemonade varieties to my blueberry patch a few weeks ago from them. Link provided here.


I’d like to give a quick plug to Bottoms Nursery in GA. They specialize in rabbiteye blueberries and SHB, and have some varieties that are hard to find elsewhere.

They also have a smaller selection of other fruit trees and shrubs.

I places an order of 4 blueberries and 1 fig with them and I was happy with the quality and selection for the price. A year later 3 out of the 4 blueberries I ordered are going strong, and the 1 fig I ordered is doing great! (I lost one blueberry due to transplant shock, which was entirely my fault due to planting too late in the season–the plant was very healthy when it arrived and I do not blame Bottoms Nursery in the slightest.)


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Scott, I ordered 8 Teroldego vines from Novavine (no minimum) early this winter and found them to be very professional. I think Double A is great but if you are looking for obscure cultivars of v. vinifera this firm has many more choices. The vines arrived well packed in good shape and on time. They were no where near so heavily rooted as vines from AA but they should be fine and they threw in 8 cardboard vine shelters. They’ve been in the ground for a week with fairly cool weather so will have to wait to say about viability though I anticipate 100% success. All in all a pleasant experience.