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Impressive collection of blueberries they have there.


Yes they do Matt. Its where the majority of my blueberries are purchased. From my experience they are good people too.


Thanks, added. I got some grapes from them in the past and they were very high quality.


How about Harvest Nursery in Oregon? I just ordered from them.


I was just looking at their site 3 days ago.

They have actinidia polygama (though not the cultivar I want) add they prices seem very good. Please report how your order goes.



Thanks, added. Let us know how it goes. They have a pretty large selection for a new nursery.


Not sure how many deer hunters are on here but I’ve gotten a great selection of pears with various drop times from the wildlife group in Alabama. So far have never list a tree they have sent.

This year they sent two trees that were smaller than advertised but they credited me 10 dollars on each tree which I felt was more than fair as they are both growing great!

They also have apples, persimmons, crabapples, plums, chestnuts, chinkapins, and sequins.


Small eclectic selection.


You can remove Sanhedrin Nursery off the list. I tried to purchase from them and this is the response -

Dave & Jenny Watts
Today, 3:28 PM
Hello Richard,

We are closing our business after 36 years, so we will not be shipping trees this year. Sorry we can not help you. You can go to the Dave Wilson Nursery site and find their plant locator search page and you might find nurseries that are selling what you are looking for.

All the best,



That’s too bad. They had a nice business and provided a valuable service. I hope they enjoy their retirement.


Red Fern Farm should be added to the list. They ship bareroot plants/seeds/scionwood only in April. There’s no doubt they specialize in chestnut seedlings grown from cutlivars; but they also sell grafted pawpaws & American persimmons & grafted heartnuts & Russian comfrey.

Outside of April customers have to pick the plants up at the nursery located in Wapello, Iowa.




Nice Pawpaw selection and scion availability. Also an interesting article on grafting.


These people write very well. Their website is flawless from the (few) articles I’ve read. Let me tell you once I return I’ll photograph more in depth individual trees. What I wished to tell you though is ‘Regulus’ pawpaw is a really interesting tree. It’s upright and the same as any other pawpaw until the fruits bend the limbs all the way to the ground giving it the appearance of a weeping tree. I’ve never seen anything like it. Tom showed me that at the tips of each branch are two buds only making ‘Regulus’ very difficult for Tom to get graft wood. I hope to taste it next time I visit.

‘Rigel’ pawpaw and I kid you not has a nutty-hazelnut flavor that’s very strong… that really gave me long pause. I tasted a slight bit of astringency after, however. It could’ve very well been that I only had one to sample and that the astringency isn’t present on the other 99 of 100 fruits on the tree. I’ll need to ask Tom Wahl about that when I return.



Are ‘Regulus’ and ‘Rigel’ Tom and Kathy’s own seedlings?


Yes, Drew.



Re: Bay Laurel

if I remember right, this one bothered me because they don’t keep their bareroot stock in cold storage, and being that they’re in zone 9 (?) in California, all of their stuff starts leafing out by March 1.


Couple more that I’ll add to the mix.
Limited, but good selection of fruit and nut trees - my friend David at Rock Bridge Trees:

Simmons Plant Farm has been my go-to for berry plants… limited selection, but plant size and prices have always been phenomenal.

Largest selection of blueberry varieties (NHB, SHB, RE) I’ve ever seen is at Dan Finch nursery… plant size/quality has been all over the board when I’ve ordered from them, but worth a look for varieties not exceedingly common in the trade.


Thanks Lucky! I added them. We did have Finch under the berries category but the web link was dead since it was an old one.

Rock Bridge has quite the selection of pecans, one of the larger ones I have seen.


The pecans offered by Rock Bridge are almost all selections that have been shown to have good resistance to pecan scab… making them ideal for home/low-input plantings, as there will be little to no need for antifungal sprays.


What does Cummins mean by their “grades”? They have GoldRush apple on M7 as a “7/16 grade” and G41 as a “9/16 grade” - but I don’t know what that means.